Monday, 22 December 2008

Combined Clubs Gymkhana

This is held yearly at the Omana Reserve at Maraetai, it looks out to the Hauraki Gulf and is on a good day a beautiful site, and it was one of those the sun shone and the wind and rain stayed away for the second year in a row.

The event in organized by the Chevrolet Club and each club attending puts on two events, so each year there are different things to do. This year we did throwing the blocks of wood into hub caps again and the second one was using a hook to lift partially water filled milk bottles and carrying them a small way and putting them into another container.

Each club runs its first event before lunch, and the second one after, the cars usually proceed from one event to another, There was one this year with the driver blindfolded, towing a tiny block of wood around a course with three bottles on it with out dislodging any. And also a very fast slalom course where the passenger gets out and undoes two spark plugs and puts them back and returns to the car before proceeding to the finish.

Each year there seems to be fewer clubs making the effort to attend this picnic day out, plus unfortunately this year it clashed with the Auckland Santa Parade the points scored this year put the Ford 8 & 10 contingent in last place but it's only a fun day out.

Harvey and Val with his Model Y; Brian and Beverley in their restored Anglia: Bud and Thelma with their Prefect: Paul and Delia modern : Ant  and Karen in a modern. John came after lunch in his convertible having been up north earlier and all the way from Morrinsville Andrew in a Prefect.

I hope we have a lovely day again next year and perhaps we will be able to take home the "Trophy" we have had it in past years. This year we had the wooden spoon.

Postscript from Harvey. Hard luck prize of the Gymkhana goes to Andrew of Morrinsville who ran a bearing on the way home. 20 miles short, but managed to make it, so now it's out with the motor and back to the Reconditioners who built it. Now I've put Molyslip in my sump having seen the vulnerability of these things.

Monday, 1 December 2008

The Shaw's Collection

At the starting line were Brian and Bev, Paul and Delia, Thelma and Bud Semadeni and myself, from the Ford Club. Bud's Prefect was the only Club car out that day, mine having broken a rear axle the previous day, and Paul's with the motor out getting valve and cylinder head improvements, although their immaculate Cortina was again there.

However there were plenty of Fords 8's and 10's at our destination the Shaw brother's awesome car collection at Coatsville. I combined the Model A club with ours and did not extend the trip beyond there, having learnt that the enthusiast can spend hours looking which proved true.

I saw early 7Y Anglia's: a two door and four door C, a two door Y, Prefects including complete and incomplete 38-39 Ford 10's (7W) and a '50's Popular with its tiny headlights in original light blue colour. The only marque I did not see was the square–grilled EO4A Anglia.

There ware also Model A's, three 36-39 Ford V8 sedans and a row of 60's Holden's and 70's utes,  many Chev's from the 20's and early 50's many Buicks prewar and post war, all the Austin 7 models, a big Seven and a couple of Ten's prewar Morris 8 and square Minor.

Other makes such as Vauxhall, Dodge, Rugby, and Citroen were represented in smaller numbers. There were old trucks large and small as well so there was something for everyone (except the ladies, maybe!)

Many thanks to Noel and Trevor for their hospitality and I will be carrying the images around in my head for some time to come. Now it's back down to earth and the axle replacement for my "Y" plus a few other improvements and modification while the car is on blocks.

Thanks to the Model "A" Club Members who attended.


Saturday, 18 October 2008

Martin's Manic Mystery Run

This commenced from Jellicoe Park, in Onehunga just after 11am on lovely sunny day one of the few we have had recently, and there was the best turn out of our cars we have had for some time.

The effort Bud and I achieved was also one of the worst we have had for a while, all went well until Cornwall Park, where things went haywire, first after the pit stop, the wrong road was taken as we did not go back to the round-a-bout but took the wrong road, and had to back track.

As our motor has had a mysterious noise for some time we decided not to go up to the summit and proceeded on, to the clue on the drivers side about a caravan, where a nice gentleman decided to talk to us for some time about all our cars that had proceeded us down his street.

Arriving in the Blockhouse Bay area, there was a clue saying turn left past some houses, I said it said first left, but Bud said no that’s not a street. (I believe it was).

Shortly after that the phone rang saying where are you we are all here, in the process of Bud answering it he missed several streets we were supposed to go up or down. Then we went past an area of paddocks full of sheep, I did not recall ever seeing before, shows you what is tucked away in areas you do not realize they are there unless you live in the area.

By this time we decided to go to the finish as everyone was waiting for us, one of the clues was about a building that Bud knew the location of, so we made our way there, then followed
the clues to the final destination.

I think almost all had given up on us by this time, but we at least made it to the end. Everyone was also waiting for Harvey and Val but they didn’t show up someone said they had seen them having a picnic in Cornwall Park, so I guess they had decided not to finish.

Those that went were John and Janice, Ant and Karen, Chris with Mel and Alison, Paul and Delia, Harvey and Val, Thelma and Bud, Martin (organizer), Jim.

Monday, 18 August 2008

July Club Run

This commenced at the car park at Western Springs which is near the new Valentines Restaurant and was organized by Harvey and Val.

The group of club cars departed at 11am for West Auckland, going along the North Western Motorway, and then Highway 16 towards Kumeu, turning off on to the Riverhead - Coatsville Road, which in the distant past was a main route North towards Whangarei. We then turned off just before Coatsville on to a series of scenic side roads, going past the North Shore Aero Club, and later down Glenvar Road which takes one to Beach Road, which when followed goes through most of the Eastern Beaches which look out to Rangitoto Island which is a dormant volcano just off shore and is a prominent feature of the outer harbour.

We made our way through busy Takapuna, on to Lake Road which goes down towards Devonport where the Naval Base is located doing a circuit of one of their playing fields then on down interesting old streets to Devonport it’s self, where we stopped for lunch at "Clarrie’s" one of the many cafes.

Devonport is a mixture of old and new there are a lot of Art Gallerys, antique stores and small select stores and is busy on a weekend with sightseers wandering in and out the shops. After lunch and a wander about we all returned to the parked cars, and departed to Vauxhall Street where the museum we were to visit at 2pm was, it is in an old church behind some trees and a big gate which was very tightly shut and apparently according to some local residents was going to stay that way.

So to Plan B, go home or go somewhere else, John and Janice left to visit relatives while the Brewers and us decided to go to North Head where the first pilot station for Auckland was established in 1840. Then the first Defense System for Auckland was originally established this was used by both the army and the navy. The army left in 1950 and the navy in 1996.

North Head is a volcano it’s proper name is Maungauika, the first guns were installed in 1885 and for a number of years afterwards prisoners were used to reconstructed the gun sites and build tunnels and storage underground for searchlights and magazines for the guns installed there. Three disappearing guns were installed there as well; one still remains and is now one of the few left in the world.

We spent some time there climbing all the over the mountain going in and out the tunnels and gun placements a very interesting afternoon was had.Those who went all had club cars they were Harvey and Val (organizer), John and Janice, and Bud and Thelma.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Bowling Night

This was held on a Saturday night at the Panmure 10 Pin Bowling Complex and was organized by Delia and Paul.

Delia organized the three teams into the three lanes held for us. There was a drink (glass of wine, handle of beer or a small bottle of soft drink) plus a very nice hamburger that arrived on a food trolley to the lane complex we had. The cost wasn't too bad as we had two complete games and the refreshments for $22. Before the bowling began a few of us had a play on the 2 cent Poker Machines that flashed and beckoned in the far corner, none of us made a fortune I am afraid.

There was a great deal of laughter and cheering and advice as members tried to knock down the pins, one person reckoned one was glued down as all the others would fall except this one. After the bowling was over some of the big boys played on the simulated car racing machines I am afraid I would not like to be with Ant in his racing car as it did some spectacular end over ends and ended up very battered, both him and Paul won one race each. Then there was the Fighter plane one and a table game that was fast and furious two or more people slamming yellow disc's up and down a table until they dropped into a slot at the other end. The games have certainly altered over the years you have to have very fast reflexes these days.

After all the fun was over we made our way to the car park and all our modern cars and made our different ways home. A much bigger turn out than usual, all I think in modern cars as the older cars are difficult at night on Auckland streets and the motorways, those there were....Brian and Bev, John and Janice, Paul and Delia, Bob and Gwen, Bud and Thelma, Chris and Mel & his daughter Alison, Steven and friend Irene, Martin and work mate Josh, Ant and Karen.

There were some good scores on the night including Alison with 203 (a little assistance here as when she slid the ball down the assisting slide, barrier arms came up to prevent the balls going in the gutter a great way for children to enjoy the game). But the final tally up by Delia of the score sheets makes, Martin in first place, Delia in second, and Ant in third. Congratulations to these people.We must do it again next year some time as a lot of fun is had by those that come along.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Phil's Fun Run

This took place on Sunday the 25th from Westhaven Drive which is along the waterfront towards the Harbour Bridge and the meeting spot looked out across the Marina with all it’s millions of dollars of pleasure boats towards Auckland city and its high-rise buildings and with the Sky Tower prominent amongst them.

This was put on by the Morris Register Club and they had by our standards a very good turn out of vehicles of all types, we managed to swell their number by four vehicles, two modern, Brian and Bev, and Bud and Thelma, and two club cars, Chris and Mel with his daughter Allison, and Martin both in Model Y’s.

This run was different to all others we have ever been on it consisted of a series of parts of photos, and you had to drive around in a radius of the inner city area Grafton Bridge was the outer circle and identify the picture and where it was taken. This was a good tour of the area most people avoid owing to lack of parking around Britomart, the Vector Arena, cranes on the Container Wharves, Parnell Cathedral, The Rose Gardens, the Museum, Central Fire Station, The Civic Theatre, The Art Gallery, Victoria Markets Chimney, The Bird Cage Tavern, to mention just a few. This was a rally with a difference and was very interesting and scenic and covered such a short area.

After the run people sat around and ate their lunch while the papers were marked, we did not participate in the prizes, but most did reasonably well.

We would like to thank the Morris people for allowing us to participate with them, it’s a while since we have done so, and we extend an invitation to them to come on our runs.

Friday, 23 May 2008

April Picnic

Took place on Sunday the 27th April perhaps a little late in the year for such an event, but it was cancelled the week before for those people who wished to attend the street racing in Hamilton. Those that went to the racing all said it was great.

Those who turned up in front of the Observatory in One Tree Hill Park, were Brian and Bev in their club car. All the others were in moderns - Ant and Karen, Karen’s daughter Sarah with Hayden who is talking and walking well, Paul and Delia, and Bud and Thelma (apologies were received from John and Janice who had paid for a run with The VVCC which included dinner) and I passed Harvey and Val's Y going south on Saturday.

As it looked like it was going to be a deluge in the next little while the group all adjourned to Ollie’s Ice Cream parlor, for the rest of the time. The parlor is right on the roundabout at Royal Oak it is two lanes and 5 streets merging a very busy intersection.

Quite a few sundaes, bowls of chips, hamburgers and coffee later, and playing on game machines the group dispersed, to make their individual way home.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Easter Experience

We had 3 Prefects, 3 Y’s and 2 Mini’s to start with and were later joined by 3 Popular’s (one Zephyr powered) and 1 Fordson (V6 Powered). All we needed were a 100E or three to complete our range of marques, are these in the club?

We had an excellent run through back roads to Hamilton and lunch at the lakeside. Harvey and Val became separated from the main group through uncertainty over road signs that had been vandalized at Thackeray Street, lost too much time obtaining oil and trying to get out of Hamilton with inadequate road signage and an out of date map and no compass! A used-up prepay cell phone etc so went straight to Cambridge and motorcamp. Very nice here with amazingly few guests for a fine Easter, so we had it largely to ourselves. The rest of the group arrived shortly afterwards and it was community fish and chips or hot dog, or hamburger and chips for the first night.

Next morning Ray and Ollie from Cambridge ran the day’s trip through back country roads east of Hamilton. Very enjoyable, never been there before, there was a quiz as well, very challenging, but Harvey mucked up the directions and had to make another mercy dash back to the motor camp to save time having lost a lot. To the Prince Albert restaurant for a-la-carte dinner that night, good ambience and food there.

Up early next morning for Steve and Cazna Payne’s run which was by devious routes to the awesome Early N.Z. museum at Tirau, a look around the antique and craft shops and then on to Putaruru to an interesting early car display housed in "Burger King" style "50's" d├ęcor (this building used to be the post office). Then to a hydro-station at Arapuni and around Mangatautiri Mountain and back to Cambridge by devious routes. Some of the lads went over to Te Awamutu to view Steve’s workshops and cars then a dash back to clean up for dinner at the Riverside Diner for a smorgasbord meal, hosted and entertained by Gerry Merito, late of the Howard Morrison Quartet. Prize giving happened as well for the previous days quiz with Chris Kite taking the honours for accuracy and diligence.

On Monday it was home again by more devious and scenic routes, popping out on to S.H.1 just north of the old Meremere Power Station. Many thanks to Ant and Karen, Ray and Ollie, Steve and Cazna for their hard work, good ideas and a successful weekend!


Saturday, 5 April 2008

Easter Rally Photos 2008 - Day 3

Parked at the museum just south of Tirau:
Prefect Ute,Prefect,Anglia


Crossing the swing bridge at Arapuni:

Parked at Arapuni:

Crossing the Arapuni dam:


All images are clickable for a larger view, and further images are available here.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Easter Rally Photos 2008 - Day 1

Exiting Lyons Road


Parked at Victoria Square, Cambridge

End of Day 1: Parked at the motor camp ....

... and discussing the day's travels

All images are clickable for a larger view and more images can be viewed here

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Concours d'Elegance 2008

This annual event is held at the Ellerslie Race Course the main race track in Auckland there are several large buildings one of which housed the Rare Classics and Performances cars plus various outlets selling car magazines, pictures, and a cafeteria selling very expensive food.

This year the event was hosted by the MG Car club who aimed to have 100 vehicles on display I think they made about 60. Many clubs had displays there not all were entered in the special judging class for best vehicles, which I believe was slightly modified to take in account the drizzly weather during the early morning.

Our club has not gone for a few years which is probably why we were given a spot right at the end of the show next to the fence where the Car Fair is usually held on Sundays, this was completely hidden by a row of trees. The officials came along several times during the day and apologized and said they will do better if we go next year.

As this was our official outing for this month and car and passenger got tickets to go in for free, which unfortunately did not materialize until the Monthly meeting, and as lot of people went to the Galaxy of cars no one had them, so I took them to the event to give out to members arriving, however only Dennis had phoned to enquire about going. While I was standing waiting to give out the tickets I got to see all the cars coming in either driven or on trailers. So from this you can gather we only managed to get two cars to display, Dennis in his 1946 Ford 10 and Bud and Thelma in their 1950 Prefect.

During the day a few people came to look at the cars and we have one prospective member in Hamilton with a Cx who took a magazine and a subscription form. Martin and Roy were talking to us over the fence and Delia and Paul came along in the afternoon, Paul managed to lock his keys in his vehicle in the car park but the AA opened it up for him.

I walked around about 5 times looking for a vehicle I saw come in on a trailer from Hawera which appeared to have a Prefect badge on the back. It was a van but I could not find it, I think it had gone it was a very distinctive colour of bright yellow and green. The show was closing down at 4.30 as we made our way out, in the light drizzle which had started falling again, most of the day had been fine.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Kumeu Hot Rod Event

For many years now members of the club have been taking their cars to the club car display on the Sunday of this two day event. In the early days a lot of our cars went and people made it a picnic day out, however over the years the numbers attending have declined but we always have a few there.

Next year we are going to make it an earlier start as there are now huge numbers attending and we were in the actual arena this year along with a great number of other cars but it is a little out of the way for the public to walk so the foot traffic was a lot smaller. But we could see the entertainment quite close up. This was a stunt outfit doing crashes and jumping over ramps etc, and a tank running around squashing things. In the last act of a car driving up a ramp and jumping over a line of cars the driver was apparently hurt. (They do not use roll cages or bars) as a ambulance came later and he was taken to hospital.

The sheds had the usual highly painted Hot Rods some are works of art. There are lots of unrelated stalls and others of automotive content. Swapmeet items and vehicles for sale in various states of restoration (or non as the case may be). A band plays most of the day and Mr. Whippy does a good trade along with other food outlets.

This year it was warm and dusty as we were next to the trotting track and the wind was quite strong. They have a prize giving but I did not hear who won as we were too far to hear the address system, but I do not think any of our vehicles had the entry forms up on the windscreens.

We went home about 2.30pm, along with the Chaplin’s, John had gone about 12 noon as he had something else to do. So as you can see the club had three cars there John in his Tourer, Peter in his Prefect and Bud and Thelma in their Prefect, also with us were 2 Cortinas driven by members of the Chaplin family who are trying to start a Type of Cortina Club.

I saw no other members there this year, one person who had a friend wrecking some cars near Wellington said he may donate some parts but he has made no further contact.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Galaxy of Cars 2008

This annual event hosted by the New Lynn Lions held at the Museum of Transport and Technology has been the clubs venue for the past few years where we have also held our February Committee Meeting.

This year however it was decided to hold our monthly meeting back at the parts shed to enable members to access our wealth of spare parts which previous February’s they could not. But knowing the event is a very good source of contact with the public for promotional purposes a token representation of members attended the function.

The weather was a little kinder on the day with less heat than the previous few days. On arrival although we had our usual spot we found that the plane hanger had been moved with the aircraft parked temporarily on the grass. This condensed space was beneficial to us as the public were obliged to pass all around our displayed cars to access the railway station and to view the aircraft. Therefore more than ever comments were heard such as "Oh I learnt to drive in one of those things" and my father owned one etc.

Lots of questions were asked us re the pros and cons of English Side Valves which made it a quite satisfying day for the club. It seemed to be more busy, or more so, than other years, with the swapmeet sites doing a brisk trade.

One popular attraction was a "White" steam car that "chuffed" around the field of parked classic cars always with a following of people. Motat seemed to lay on all its fleet of trams ferrying passengers back and forth to Motat 1 via Auckland Zoo. There were three Auckland ones dating from 1904 to 1937 a Wellington "Fiducia" type and a Melbourne tram, also an early steam tram that standing passengers shared the foot plate and coal box , whilst the driver cum fireman, and conductor shoveled coal in to the fire box, all very exciting and interesting to a big kid like me any way.

All too soon time passed and by about 3.30pm the fields of classic cars had vanished home leaving lots of empty space until next years event, this year we had three Prefects, a Prefect Ute an Anglia Tourer and a "Y" on display. Those members with cars were John and Janice with daughter Caroline, Harvey, Paul and Delia, Dennis, Bud, also seen there were many other of our members some at other display sites or just strolling about.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Cornwallis Beach

I looked at the prescribed starting time with some trepidation as our local knowledge says that the car parks will be full there on a fine Sunday and so on arrival at the Ranui Clubrooms I emphasized a prompt departure.

A nice surprise awaited us, Brian and Bev Coutts newly restored 1938 Anglia was in attendance resplendent in Maroon. This was their second attempt at a club event as their motor had shed its timing sprocket at Whitford en route to the recent Gymkhana at Maraetai.

Not far along the way Bud chewed his distributor drive in an attempt to catch the three fast Fords disappearing over the ranges in front and its just as well Paul and Delia had their modern there that day, as they were the shepherds at the back and were able to return to the parts for a replacement distributor and shaft so with these fitted the Prefect arrived at Cornwallis without too much time lost, followed by Paul and Delia.

If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I would have adhered to the Model A Club's policy of watching the car behind you. Anyway the weather stayed glorious and the tide was right in and the parking we got could have been worse as cars were stretched all the way up the roadside when we left.

Those in our group who had managed to secure a covered and sheltered barbecue table held it for a remarkable long time before being chased off a spear point by the natives (they had two tables but as not many came relinquished one). Harvey and Val went swimming and sunbathing (on the sand) while Thelma and Bud caught up with their daughter Annette and son in law Roy with their adopted daughter Caitlin in a pleasant setting under a tree, these two are kayak enthusiasts and disappeared far and long (Caitlin goes with Dad).

Present on the run were Brian and Bev (Anglia), Bud and Thelma (Prefect), John and Janice (Anglia Convertible), Ant and Karen with grandson Hayden (Modern), Paul and Delia (Modern), Harvey and Val (Y) - scribe.

Bud and Thelma were not trying to catch up, the engine just got slower and slower until it ceased in a big cloud of Smoke from the exhaust accompanied by a large bang.

Paul who was behind helped Bud get it off to the side, it was on the steepest bend of the road, the bonnet came up and Paul checked out the fuel etc, they then turned it around and decided to see if it would start freewheeling down the hill. They got to the bottom of the winding road with out any luck, while Delia and Thelma followed in Paul’s car.

Paul then worked out what was wrong by, them slowly turning over the crank handle, the drive was in two pieces luckily the broken piece was in place and was able to be removed. Paul put in the new one and away it went.

Big thanks to Paul for diagnosing and fixing the car.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Christmas Outing

This year the committee decided to go to South Auckland so people in that area would find it easier to attend so they decided to go to the Gengis Khan Restaurant in Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki. This was situated in a group of other restaurants, and bars; along side there were shops and factories that had plenty of parking in front. One of the members could not find parking in front of the venue, and he had brought his club car, so he decided not to come as he did not want to have his vehicle out of sight.

This is what is called a Mongolian Restaurant, there is various options for dining you can have soup, entrees and salads if you want or all three but the main meal is cooked by a team of cooks on a huge hot plate, they are cooking about eight meals at once. You keep moving around and when it is cooked it goes on your plate.
You get a bowl and go to a area where all the food to be cooked is and select the combination that you want out of pork, meat and chicken, add the various vegetables that you would like in your stir fry along with a selection of sauces and oils then you move along to the cooking area.

If you don’t like what you have created when you get it back to your table you can start all over again. There was a bar available for those who wanted it. Afterwards for dessert there was a pancake hot plate in operation, and you added the toppings you required. Quite a number of people in our group had several helpings of things they liked.

The secretary Delia had booked a long table for everyone but not as many turned up as expected so some was removed. Those there were Janice and John, Brian and Bev, Bob and Gwen, Chris and friend Mel, Paul and Delia, Karen, unfortunately Ant could not come as he was indisposed, Thelma and Bud. Those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves.