Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Run to Puhoi

Despite a forecast of heavy rain, Sunday dawned fine but cloudy. Karen and I arrived at Silo Park (the old Tank farm) just after 8:30am for breakfast, meeting John who'd arrived a little earlier.

After a short walk alongside the nearby cafes and restaurants, Karen chose Jack Tars and we ordered breakfast. When it arrived, it was huge - I was defeated and could only manage about two-thirds of the total plated food.

Still with some time to kill before the 10:30 departure, we were joined by Steve and ambled along the waterfront, then decided to grab a ride on the tram circuit. This was the last day before the lines were being ripped up to be re-laid after the road has been lowered (don't ask me, it's all part of Auckland Council's loony grand plan).

At the end of the tram loop, we arrived to the greetings of the rest of our cohorts for the day, Bud & Thelma, Paul & Delia, and Brian & Bev. Instructions were given out for those who wanted to go on ahead and we departed Silo Park and headed across the Harbour Bridge to the Albany Bus Station where we picked up Martin & Monique.

From here we toured through Dairy Flat, then out to John's old stomping ground of Waitoki (where Ngaire joined us) and out the back roads to Wainui and over the hill into Puhoi. The last portion across Krippner road was true back country with many large water-filled pot-holes, but at least the damp conditions did mean there was little dust.

After a regroup (and congratulations or otherwise on road choice), we drove on and lunched at the Puhoi Valley Cheese Factory cafe. Being that breakfast was so large, Karen and I required not much. Paul however ordered the Ploughman's Platter, a large board with all manner of meats, crackers and cheese. It looked delicious and as there was none left, I guess it must have been.

From here we each made our way home, with some of us stopping in at the second-hand store in Puhoi to see if there were any bargains to be nabbed.