Saturday, 18 October 2008

Martin's Manic Mystery Run

This commenced from Jellicoe Park, in Onehunga just after 11am on lovely sunny day one of the few we have had recently, and there was the best turn out of our cars we have had for some time.

The effort Bud and I achieved was also one of the worst we have had for a while, all went well until Cornwall Park, where things went haywire, first after the pit stop, the wrong road was taken as we did not go back to the round-a-bout but took the wrong road, and had to back track.

As our motor has had a mysterious noise for some time we decided not to go up to the summit and proceeded on, to the clue on the drivers side about a caravan, where a nice gentleman decided to talk to us for some time about all our cars that had proceeded us down his street.

Arriving in the Blockhouse Bay area, there was a clue saying turn left past some houses, I said it said first left, but Bud said no that’s not a street. (I believe it was).

Shortly after that the phone rang saying where are you we are all here, in the process of Bud answering it he missed several streets we were supposed to go up or down. Then we went past an area of paddocks full of sheep, I did not recall ever seeing before, shows you what is tucked away in areas you do not realize they are there unless you live in the area.

By this time we decided to go to the finish as everyone was waiting for us, one of the clues was about a building that Bud knew the location of, so we made our way there, then followed
the clues to the final destination.

I think almost all had given up on us by this time, but we at least made it to the end. Everyone was also waiting for Harvey and Val but they didn’t show up someone said they had seen them having a picnic in Cornwall Park, so I guess they had decided not to finish.

Those that went were John and Janice, Ant and Karen, Chris with Mel and Alison, Paul and Delia, Harvey and Val, Thelma and Bud, Martin (organizer), Jim.