Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Night Run

This interesting night run was organized by Martin Healy and started at the Club Rooms, around 6.30pm.

After leaving the club rooms the instructions took us to Great South Road, along past where the old ferry used to be up on blocks (now completely gone) past the Happy Days Restaurant with the bright green Neon lights, then into back streets between the Great South Road and the Southern Motorway to Hill Road, which took us across the Motorway at Manurewa past the Botanic Gardens down the hill to Alfriston School.

At this point we turned right and then left along a road which was quite dark to a T junction where we want right again to follow the route over the railway line into Papakura, all the time we had to think of questions Martin might ask us when we got back.

In Papakura we went along past the Big Grocery Store around past the Police Station, turned right, around the round-a-bout right through the town to the new McDonald's, opposite Foodtown where we stopped for hamburgers and Coffee etc.

Karen came in with Ant she had been to Hamilton to the car racing. He had waited back for her at the start.

After the stop at Papakura we continued along Great South Road under the motorway and turned towards Weymouth on Mahia Road.  Then on a series of roads that took us back to the Club Rooms.

On the way we were supposed to think what the answers to the questions were going to be, that Martin was later asking us to determine the winner. Eventually we arrived back at the Club Rooms and had coffee while Martin asked the questions, which decided who was the most observant on the run, like what colour were the neon lights at “Happy Days” and how many speed humps on a certain road. I forgot to write down who won but I am pretty sure it was Ant and Karen, and also John and Janice were up there as well.

Those who came along were Ant and Karen, Chris, John and Janice, Bud and Thelma, Steven, and Martin and his friend Josh. This is the first time we have had a night run for a long time, as having somewhere lit to leave and come back to was not feasible before. The run was all on mainly secondary roads and side roads so we kept completely off the motorway system all together which was good.