Saturday, 19 September 2009

AGM & Property Report

First, thanks to those members who turned up to the AGM last month. After a presentation from Bob and Chris, and a question and answer session; the resolution to purchase a property previously inspected by the committee at Kellow Place (or one similar, if this one became unavailable) to replace the current club property was passed unanimously.

The passing of this resolution was welcomed by the committee, as much work had been placed into researching the various properties available, and the costs associated with owning said properties. This included almost an entire day touring Auckland and visiting various industrial units that had been short-listed by Paul and Chris. Let me tell you that there is a wide, wide range of units of varying states available. The unit at Kellow Place is quite
a find, and fits all the criteria the committee were looking for.

Since the AGM, the committee has placed an offer on the Kellow Place property, and we are awaiting a response to that offer. Additionally, we are going through the process to list the club's current property with a local real estate agent, and by the time you read this it should be listed.