Saturday, 14 August 2010

All Ford Day - Hamilton

This took place on the 28th of July at the Claudelands Event Centre Grounds the actual event centre in the last few years is undergoing massive rebuilding and the cars are not in one place as before but spread out around the grounds at the rear of the building. As we do not know who is coming and all arrive at different times our little cars are scattered about and not in one area so we cannot put on a proper display.

When we arrived at the BP Service centre at Drury there were no other cars there so as we knew John was going a phone call to Janice confirmed they were already on their way down, so we departed for Hamilton. We took down the clubs large stationary flags plus the individual windscreen banners, which we gave to members who did not already have one to keep, to use at any future events they go to. It was a very nice day, with the sun shining and little wind; there were a lot of cars and people and several very expensive food stalls. A lot of people looked at our vehicles and we made contact with several prospective new members and two people (non-members) asked about selling their cars.

The crowd started to thin out about 2pm and the prizes were given out, during the day an official came and gave Bud a bottle of Amorall Protectant Gel 500mm for us being with our vehicle to answer the public's questions. After the event was over we went and had lunch at the Cooks Restaurant, this is the 2nd oldest building in Hamilton.

All and all this was a worthwhile day as we met two prospective members who we gave membership forms to, old members we only see here and have two cars that members can possibly purchase.