Sunday, 9 September 2012

AGM Report

The committee and a number of members turned up on a sunny day to discuss the past year and consider actions for the future.

After the passing of the previous meetings minutes, John thanked those members attending and spoke about the good runs we'd had this year, the donations we've gratefully received from past members and that overall it had been a good year for the club.

Karen summarised the financial position of the club, and led the meeting through the report prepared by the club's auditor.

The current executive and committee then retired and elections were held. The executive were re-elected unchanged with John as President, Martin as Vice President, Thelma as Secretary and Karen as Treasurer.

There was some discussion concerning the non-appointment of positions (ie. Editor, Building Manager, Spares) at the meeting, this was explained to now be in line with the constitution (updated at the previous AGM) which allows the committee as a whole to allocate these positions as it sees fit. This allows members of the committee to 'play to their strengths' and allows a degree of flexibility that was in the past not available.

Bob then spoke on the remits presented in the agenda regarding fostering closer relations with the South Island club, expanding club membership and participation, and the upcoming Warrant of Fitness changes. These remits were all agreed with, and the incoming committee was charged with progressing these further.

In general business, a remit was tabled that the newsletter needs more articles and information, but that it was not necessarily the job of the Editor to generate every piece of information. All members present agreed. There was then some discussion around newsletter creation (email vs. paper), with Ant briefly detailing the benefits and shortcomings of each. The committee was generally tasked with actioning this in the future.

The meeting was then closed, and the members present took the opportunity to chat with each other whilst enjoying the coffee, tea, and food provided.

During the first committee meeting held on Sunday 2 September, the positions of Building Manager, Editor and Parts Manager were assigned to Bob, Ant, and Stephen respectively.