Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Combined Clubs' Gymkhana

This is held at the Omana Reserve at Maraetai, it looks out to the Hauraki Gulf and is on a good day a beautiful site, and the 11th November was one of those the sun shone and the wind and rain stayed away.

The event in organized by the Chevrolet Club and each club attending puts on two events, so each year there are different things to do. This year our club had one involving water, and another with lifting tins with a billiard cue which seemed to be a lot of fun.

Each club runs its first event before lunch, and the second one after the cars usually proceed from one event to another, some are slow like guessing how many revolutions your wheel travels in a certain distance, to very fast slalom courses, where you sometimes have to get out and undo a spark plug or similar and put it back half way along.

Each year there seems to be fewer clubs making the effort to attend this picnic day out, the points scored this year gave the Morris Register the trophy, followed by the Chevrolet Club. Morris Minor, Ford 8 & 10 and the Chrysler contingent, some cars swap drivers so those that come in moderns can participate. I noticed that some had members from other clubs driving for them probably against the rules but it’s only a fun day out.

This year John and Janice came with their extended family driving a modern, a Model “A” and his Bright Yellow Ute as well as his Tourer which had a large dint in the front owing to having been hit by a Pukeko on the Far North VVCC run.

Harvey and Val with his Model Y; Bob and Gwen in their green Prefect and Bud and Thelma with their Prefect, Stephen (modern) and Ant and Karen in a modern.

I hope we have a lovely day again next year and perhaps we will be able to take home the “Trophy” we have had it in the past one year we won it with two cars and three people.