Thursday, 23 September 2010

30th Anniversary Dinner

The club recently celebrated it's 30th anniversary with a weekend of gatherings, and reuniting with past members. On Saturday night, approximately 50 past and present members enjoyed a dinner and the chance to reminisce about days gone by.

Founding members Murray Richards and Gary Kelly with Life Member Estelle Sinclair

Founding members Murray Richards and Gary Kelly, with Life Member Estelle Sinclair.

Some of the past and current members at the anniversary dinner

Some of the past and current members at the anniversary dinner.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

AGM Report

This was the first General Meeting to be held at the new clubrooms. What a difference to be able to make tea and coffee on demand, along with heating pre-frozen savouries.

Apologies were submitted, and the minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as read. Ant rambled on about the process involved acquiring the new building at Kellow Place and the hours that several members invested to ensure the move happened inside the short time required.

This year two trophies were presented. Bob Cleland was awarded the Road Runner Cup for the most enjoyable run; this was for the rally around the Pukekohe / Pokeno / Rangiriri area late last year. The Most Dedicated Member trophy was this year awarded to all those members who assisted with the shift from Pooks Rd to Kellow Pl. Every member involved contributed in their own way and this year the trophy recognises the efforts of all involved.

The sitting committee then retired; nominations were called for and in some cases voting took place to determine the new committee for the coming year. Details of the new committee can be viewed inside the front cover of this magazine.

The floor was opened for general business, and discussion took place around the need for the committee to structure itself slightly differently to spread the load a little. Those members present agreed to allow the committee to discuss and assign these new positions as it sees fit.

The meeting closed, members then had the opportunity to chat amongst themselves whilst munching on hot savouries and having the odd cup of tea or coffee.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

All Ford Day - Hamilton

This took place on the 28th of July at the Claudelands Event Centre Grounds the actual event centre in the last few years is undergoing massive rebuilding and the cars are not in one place as before but spread out around the grounds at the rear of the building. As we do not know who is coming and all arrive at different times our little cars are scattered about and not in one area so we cannot put on a proper display.

When we arrived at the BP Service centre at Drury there were no other cars there so as we knew John was going a phone call to Janice confirmed they were already on their way down, so we departed for Hamilton. We took down the clubs large stationary flags plus the individual windscreen banners, which we gave to members who did not already have one to keep, to use at any future events they go to. It was a very nice day, with the sun shining and little wind; there were a lot of cars and people and several very expensive food stalls. A lot of people looked at our vehicles and we made contact with several prospective new members and two people (non-members) asked about selling their cars.

The crowd started to thin out about 2pm and the prizes were given out, during the day an official came and gave Bud a bottle of Amorall Protectant Gel 500mm for us being with our vehicle to answer the public's questions. After the event was over we went and had lunch at the Cooks Restaurant, this is the 2nd oldest building in Hamilton.

All and all this was a worthwhile day as we met two prospective members who we gave membership forms to, old members we only see here and have two cars that members can possibly purchase.


Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Night Run

This interesting night run was organized by Martin Healy and started at the Club Rooms, around 6.30pm.

After leaving the club rooms the instructions took us to Great South Road, along past where the old ferry used to be up on blocks (now completely gone) past the Happy Days Restaurant with the bright green Neon lights, then into back streets between the Great South Road and the Southern Motorway to Hill Road, which took us across the Motorway at Manurewa past the Botanic Gardens down the hill to Alfriston School.

At this point we turned right and then left along a road which was quite dark to a T junction where we want right again to follow the route over the railway line into Papakura, all the time we had to think of questions Martin might ask us when we got back.

In Papakura we went along past the Big Grocery Store around past the Police Station, turned right, around the round-a-bout right through the town to the new McDonald's, opposite Foodtown where we stopped for hamburgers and Coffee etc.

Karen came in with Ant she had been to Hamilton to the car racing. He had waited back for her at the start.

After the stop at Papakura we continued along Great South Road under the motorway and turned towards Weymouth on Mahia Road.  Then on a series of roads that took us back to the Club Rooms.

On the way we were supposed to think what the answers to the questions were going to be, that Martin was later asking us to determine the winner. Eventually we arrived back at the Club Rooms and had coffee while Martin asked the questions, which decided who was the most observant on the run, like what colour were the neon lights at “Happy Days” and how many speed humps on a certain road. I forgot to write down who won but I am pretty sure it was Ant and Karen, and also John and Janice were up there as well.

Those who came along were Ant and Karen, Chris, John and Janice, Bud and Thelma, Steven, and Martin and his friend Josh. This is the first time we have had a night run for a long time, as having somewhere lit to leave and come back to was not feasible before. The run was all on mainly secondary roads and side roads so we kept completely off the motorway system all together which was good.


Sunday, 11 April 2010

Karaka Day Out

The weather was beautiful sunny and warm no rain in sight, Bud and I went for am drive after we left the venue and I don’t think I have ever seen the surrounding area so dry and white, there was very little grass in the paddocks.

I personally thought there were less public attending as other years, as these displays are more or less the same each time, people seem to give some of them a miss as the entrance fees mount up for a family, and there has been the Kumeu Hot Rod Event, Galaxy of Cars at Western Springs, Concurs at Ellerslie Race Course, and Pukekohe Swap Meet Display all since Christmas.

We had an area in the middle of the paddock, and managed to fit in Leonie, 37 Ford 10; Dennis, 46 Ford; Bud and Thelma, 1950 Prefect; Paul and Delia in their Prefect. John brought three cars with members of the family and Brian as drivers (the convertible, Anglia and Prefect) and Steven his 1940 Prefect. In all we had a good display with our new blue windscreen sashes and the blue corner flags in stands.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Concours d'Elegance 2010

This was held as usual at the Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland. We were at the rear of the grounds next to the turnstiles the opposite side to usual, next to the fence. As it started to rain we switched our site to across the street under the trees. It was next to an entrance turnstile and we could shelter under the roof.

The members that came with cars were Dennis (46 Ford), Steven (49 Prefect), John brought his Anglia Tourer, Chris (37Y), and Bud and Thelma (1950 Prefect). Paul and Delia and Ant and Karen also came along without their cars so we had quite a good showing.

There were some very nice displays the Mercedes Benz group had huge bunches of red roses and ribbon like material on their bonnets as the theme was Valentines Day. The Triumph Stag also had a Valentines Day display. The crowd did not appear to be as large as usual but we had some interested people looking at our cars and I think some new contacts were made. They had the usual event of cars competing against each other in a cordoned off area to see who was the fastest around an identical course. One of the cars came to grief, didn't stop when he should have.

Most of our cars were gone by about 3pm.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Galaxy of Cars

This is one event where we can usually guarantee a good turnout of cars, this year we had twelve in line along the back fence of where they usually hold the Swapmeet.

The Swapmeet was transferred to a small area where we usually are along the fence at the side of the large building containing the main aircraft display, (which was greatly reduced inside for maintence) near the train station.  Most of the Swapmeet seemed to be General items, not many part related.

As Motat is in the process of redesigning and building new buildings, most of that area was cordoned off by a large fence. We managed to get the biggest turn out of cars for our club events during the year like always.
Paul and Delia brought their beautifully restored Cortina (not their official club car); Harvey, Model Y; Bud and Thelma, 1950 Prefect; Brian, 7W; Dennis, 45 Prefect; Chris, 37 Y; Cynthia, 54 Popular (former member); Peter and Janet, 53 Prefect; Les and Leonie, 37 Ford 10; John and his family, Anglia and Tourer; Steven, 49 Prefect.

Other members were also there but without cars, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Cleland, Martin, and Terry and daughter Brenda, who were with the Bradford section. The Bradfords had at least 26 cars and a great display. They were the overall winners again this year.

This is usually a good day out for members as they bring along a picnic, its not too far to go and all the cars of various clubs are there to look at, so perhaps you will be able to make it next year.