Monday, 26 February 2007

Kumeu Classic Car Day

This took place for the club cars on the Sunday the event covers both Saturday and Sunday but the club cars mainly go on a Sunday. Some of the members go both days to see what they can find in the swapmeet, apparently there were very lean pickings for out type of cars this year. Martin went to the club rooms and picked up our swapmeet things we have collected over a period from various donations and took them there along with his and his flat mates.

Once we had arrived with our cars Bud went across and sorted them out into a group to sell over a period Martin and him managed to sell a small amount for funds. There certainly is a vast number of stalls and parts of all description on offer, old classic cars in varying stages of restoration on trailers etc. being offered for sale.

The band played all day on the stage they were quite good I listened for a while, near them there was a bell on a pole which required very strong people to hit a spring with a large sledge hammer to see if they could move the marker up to hit it, that was entertaining to watch as people thought they were stronger than they were.

There were all manner of food stalls and several bars. I saw in the paper someone rode a motor bike into one and did a wheelie hitting several children the police were not impressed. A helicopter was doing a brisk trade at $50 a ride from the show rink itself it was taking off and landing all day.

There were the usual very flash Hot Rods in the buildings beautifully painted and upholstered, some are really magnificent there did not seem to be so many out side as usual but there were quite a few car clubs there with their vehicles. We had the usual number of people looking at our cars saying a member of their family used to have one at some time I think everyone in NZ owned a Prefect.

I saw a number of past and present members there, Bernie Engleback, Brian Coutts, the Gold Family who were selling their two partly finished Y’s and Brian Bracey. John Gardner also rang later to say that the Chaplin Family apparently arrived at the departure spot late after we left, with their Prefect and two Cortina’s and were placed in another area when they got to Kumeu unfortunately.