Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Kumeu Classic Car Show 2015

On Sunday 18th I decided to take the Prefect for a much needed run, and check out the Kumeu  car show, having not been for a few years.

I took along my son Darryn to peruse the swap meet. He is currently into acquiring memorabilia to hang on his garage walls.

The event has changed since we used to go regularly as a club.  Now a days, the large paddock area that we used to display on is dedicated to large pre-booked clubs and marque sites.

Consequently the casual classic car parking is now relegated to an obscure area of the showground's race course,  wedged between the back of a large fun park area and the Taupaki Road. This seemed miles away from the viewing public.

However, after displaying the club's sash on the windscreen and settling down to wait,  (much like fishing), I was quite surprised at the public's attention. One senior lady was enthralled, when I suggested she start the engine which she did with relish.

"Just like my fathers" she  squealed with glee, "I haven't seen a Prefect since the 1950s."

Also I made contact with a prospective new member who has just acquired a rusty Anglia, and also met up with another member Peter Chaplin. So it wasn't really a wasted trip which I thought it would be.

I can't comment on the rest of the show, as it seemed miles away in the ferocious sun to the trade stalls and the swap meet area, even the toilets for that matter.

Anyway the drive there and back, on the very hot summers day, with windows down and the windscreen open wide and the lovely little Ford 10  motor purring away, drowning out all other noises  especially screaming up Tunnel Hill in second was pure bliss to the soul.