Friday, 13 June 2008

Phil's Fun Run

This took place on Sunday the 25th from Westhaven Drive which is along the waterfront towards the Harbour Bridge and the meeting spot looked out across the Marina with all it’s millions of dollars of pleasure boats towards Auckland city and its high-rise buildings and with the Sky Tower prominent amongst them.

This was put on by the Morris Register Club and they had by our standards a very good turn out of vehicles of all types, we managed to swell their number by four vehicles, two modern, Brian and Bev, and Bud and Thelma, and two club cars, Chris and Mel with his daughter Allison, and Martin both in Model Y’s.

This run was different to all others we have ever been on it consisted of a series of parts of photos, and you had to drive around in a radius of the inner city area Grafton Bridge was the outer circle and identify the picture and where it was taken. This was a good tour of the area most people avoid owing to lack of parking around Britomart, the Vector Arena, cranes on the Container Wharves, Parnell Cathedral, The Rose Gardens, the Museum, Central Fire Station, The Civic Theatre, The Art Gallery, Victoria Markets Chimney, The Bird Cage Tavern, to mention just a few. This was a rally with a difference and was very interesting and scenic and covered such a short area.

After the run people sat around and ate their lunch while the papers were marked, we did not participate in the prizes, but most did reasonably well.

We would like to thank the Morris people for allowing us to participate with them, it’s a while since we have done so, and we extend an invitation to them to come on our runs.