Friday, 18 January 2008

Christmas Outing

This year the committee decided to go to South Auckland so people in that area would find it easier to attend so they decided to go to the Gengis Khan Restaurant in Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki. This was situated in a group of other restaurants, and bars; along side there were shops and factories that had plenty of parking in front. One of the members could not find parking in front of the venue, and he had brought his club car, so he decided not to come as he did not want to have his vehicle out of sight.

This is what is called a Mongolian Restaurant, there is various options for dining you can have soup, entrees and salads if you want or all three but the main meal is cooked by a team of cooks on a huge hot plate, they are cooking about eight meals at once. You keep moving around and when it is cooked it goes on your plate.
You get a bowl and go to a area where all the food to be cooked is and select the combination that you want out of pork, meat and chicken, add the various vegetables that you would like in your stir fry along with a selection of sauces and oils then you move along to the cooking area.

If you don’t like what you have created when you get it back to your table you can start all over again. There was a bar available for those who wanted it. Afterwards for dessert there was a pancake hot plate in operation, and you added the toppings you required. Quite a number of people in our group had several helpings of things they liked.

The secretary Delia had booked a long table for everyone but not as many turned up as expected so some was removed. Those there were Janice and John, Brian and Bev, Bob and Gwen, Chris and friend Mel, Paul and Delia, Karen, unfortunately Ant could not come as he was indisposed, Thelma and Bud. Those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves.