Saturday, 8 September 2007

Model A Invitation Run

This took place on Sunday the 19th August commencing from the Park just as you come into Waiuku. After a week of rain the day turned out fine if a little breezy.

After we arrived and met up with some of the friendly people of the Model "A" Club including Gavin Welch who was our Club’s President for a number of years, he was driving his Fathers Model A, we were handed out instructions sheets with the route interspersed with questions, Their questions were different from our’s in that they were on both sides of the road, however we managed to find most of them I think,then right at the bottom of the second sheet there were two questions one asking how many bridges we went over and the other how many Kms we had covered. (It pays to read all the sheets in advance).

We did a small drive around Waiuku then proceeded through country roads to Pollok, Matakawau, and Awhitu and onwards to South Head. The drive was very scenic and the country side fresh and green after all the rain we have been having lately, at one place they said if we looked hard enough we would see Australia, and at another look down if we dared, the bottom of the valleys are almost out of sight the hills are so steep.

Arriving at South Head Car Park all the cars lined up on both sides of the parking area, for lunch and to take a walk up the hill to see the Lighthouse which has been rebuilt at the top near the signal station. The lighthouse has been in several different sites, but is now back on the original site and has been restored it was not open when we were there, but sometimes it is. It is not now used as a working lighthouse.

On the opposite ridge about 100 metres away just below the crest is the signal station, it looks out over the Heads where the bar is clearly visible, it is a very narrow entrance way and it shifts all the time, it is a very dangerous entrance and a number of ships have come to grief there, with large loss of life.

Following lunch, we set off again following a new set of instructions, but without questions this time, turning off at Central Awhitu to follow Kemp Road, missing out Awhitu itself, and then turning off again at Pollok and going down Cemetery Road to Lees Gully Road (Did you see the Cemetery on the hill) to Te Toro, Waipipi and on through Waiuku.

Then we went out behind Pukekohe seeing two large Stationary Engines, going over a ford at the bottom of a steep hill, passing through small towns and market gardens until we reached the host of the days home (Paul and Louise) where there was a barbecue cooking sausages, to go with the chips, garlic bread, pizza cakes, and loaves etc; a real feast for everyone.

The host was a collector of all manner of things from models of vehicles, tins, tractors to be restored and 100’s of number plates. This was a long rally but very pleasant and interesting with a lot to see along the route. We would like to thank the Model "A" Club through Harvey Brewer for extending the invitation to us. Perhaps they may come to one of our Runs.

Those that went from our club were Harvey and Val, Paul and Delia, and Bud and Thelma.