Saturday, 28 April 2007

Harvey's Run

This was the official run for March there are a lot of other events on this month but this was the clubs chosen event.

The cars assembled just over the railway line at Papakura on a grey cloudy day with rain threatening, after the usual chatting to each other and comparing notes the vehicles departed towards Clevedon our first stop, where we were to look at the Sunday Market, Harvey did not realize there were two markets open one a gift and hand made items type in the local hall and the other a farmers market, most people wanted to go to the farmers market so after a quick look in the hall most made their way back to the farmers market, to see the breads, honey, vegetables, smoked salmon, hand pressed olive oil, etc.

After this we were going to the Museum Harvey had seen advertised (the McNicholl Homestead) but the first people to drive up the side road came back to report it was closed, so we continued on to Kawakawa Bay where we parked in the picnic area for morning tea. There was a large gathering of ducks to assist us eating our food, when they were sure there was no more left they abandoned us in favor of a newly arrived group.

The daily rain started just as we drove out toward Kaiaua, our wipers were not going so well so it was a relief that it was more drizzle than the heavy rain we had been expericing during the week by the time we pulled into the car park next to the very busy Fish and Chip shop it had eased off. For those out side Auckland this shop has a reputation as being the best shop in the area with fresh fish caught I imagine in the Firth of Thames which we had been driving alongside for a lot of the way.

After purchasing our bundle in paper we adjourned to the park to join up with those who had brought picnic lunches.
Some of the party left the group here as they had other engagements in the afternoon, but they had enjoyed the run.

From here we went past the bird sanctuary, where birds from as far away as Siberia come in over the summer a lot of people take walking trips to see the birds, past the Hot Pools at Miranda to Waitakaruru, where there is a Antique type shop each time I go in there I think they have more stuff, I don’t know if they ever sell anything.

While there a group of people who had seen the cars stopped and talked to members and looked at the cars they were very interested in them and also to find out what the smell they had been encountering on their travels (ensilage). After I left a gentleman approached Terry to ask about the cars and told him he had a 7Y.

From here people had the option of returning the same way they had come or to go on the Thames Road towards Auckland, turning off just past Mangatawhiri going down Lyons Road towards the Hotel De Vin a very posh establishment, they have weddings there, and a helicopter pad where guests can arrive.

After driving up the winding hills you come out at Hunua Village then proceed down through the bush and fern clad gorge back to Papakura.

The attendance on this run was the best we have had for some time, in club cars were Philip and Pat, Harvey and Val (organizer) Martin accompanied by Terry and daughter Brenda, John and Janice, and two granddaughters, and their friend Jim who came in his club car a Javelin, Chris and lady friend Mel, Bob and Gwen accompanied by a Japanese visitor, Bud and Thelma, and in modern cars Ant and Karen, and Paul and Delia.