Saturday, 15 July 2006

Breakfast Run

This was a change from the usual times to see if people would like an early morning run starting by having breakfast in the downstairs breakfast room at the Albion Hotel this is one of the oldest original Hotels in Auckland. At one stage there was I think one hotel for each 143 people in Auckland.

When we arrived John Gardner was waiting to see where to go in the hotel, and he told us to go over the intersection and come back around the lower block as it was a no turn left street, when we came back up he directed us to the pay parking area $5 a day for Sunday, which was good as it saved us driving about looking for a place.

Going downstairs we saw Ngaire and Roy who had been on night shift sitting at a table watching the soccer on the big screen TV. You order your breakfast from the selection on the blackboard behind the counter, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, bacon eggs, hash browns, sausages, baked beans etc with toast and coffee or tea which you can have refills off. When prepared they bring it to your table.

After everyone had finished breakfast it was decided to make the run a small one, owing to the lack of cars just along the waterfront to Mission Bay. Once we had all arrived and parked we made our way to the old Mission buildings which has been turned into the Mecca Restaurant for coffee, the management made us up a long table inside the original building with its high peaked roof just like being in a church with church like windows.

Various forms of coffee made their way to our table, some even came with marshmallows, and Trevor Huggins very kindly announced that he would pick up the bill for the whole group. They have a Brunch menu on display and some very nice plates of food were going to other tables perhaps we could go there for breakfast at some future date. After the coffee we made our way outside on to the walkway along the beach and everyone gradually in their own time made their way along the beach front dodging the passing showers under trees etc. After arriving back in the car park they dispersed on their separate directions homewards.

Those attending the monthly run were Trevor and Kiri Huggins and grandson Lorenzo, Ant Kite and Karen Preston, Roy and Ngaire Wilson, John and Janice Gardner (Prefect Ute), and Thelma and Bud Semadeni (Prefect).
Terry and Joanna North and daughter Brenda, and Jack Breekveldt who accompanied them, came to the breakfast only, as Terry had some urgent work at home.