Tuesday, 14 April 2009

March Mystery Run

This run was devised by Chris and Mel and commenced from the old Auckland Railway Station in the Strand in downtown Auckland; it took a bit of figuring out the road lay out into the station as at appears to have been altered. Eventually everyone arrived several going around a few times.

After the usual chit chat the papers were handed out, these were in a different format than usual, there were 10 questions, one on each street we were to go along, plus a mystery check point but the streets were not in order, you had to work out the route to take giving what you thought would give you the least mileage.

After running around most of the central city suburbs, we all went out to the terrace at the rear of Chris and Mel's and sat in the sunshine. While the men looked at the Prefect under restoration in the garage the ladies chatted, and Mel prepared the lovely buffet lunch of salads and grilled salmon. This was then eaten outside under the umbrella while the guests chatted amongst themselves about the day out.

The members who attended with their club cars were, Paul and Delia, Martin, Harvey, Brian and Beverley. Chris also had his car there, Bud and Thelma had their KA as the Prefect is still ill and under repair, and Karen and Ant.

After Chris had calculated the winners it came down to mileage driven. The winners were Paul and Delia, Ant and Karen and Bud and Thelma who all received small gifts for their efforts.