Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Run to Orewa

This took place on Sunday 15th July the weather wasn’t marvelous it was dull and overcast with a cold wind blowing but it was a nice easy run through the countryside taking in Kumeu, Kaukapakapa, Waitoki, and coming out near the Silverdale on ramp to the Orewa Expressway, which comes into Orewa on the top side and makes its way onto State Highway 1 north of the main shops.

Those which attended were John and his friend Jim (Tourer), Ant and Karen, Thelma and Bud (Prefect) and the organizers Harvey and Val (Model Y) apologies were received from Chris, and Bob and Gwen.

During the run there were signs everywhere of the damage from the storm earlier in the week, mainly trees damaged and blown over there was a very large one down in the yard of the B&B at the intersection of the Parakai and Helensville Road they were lucky it ended up just short of the building, in some places later on whole rows of trees were down.

At Helensville the men headed for the Automania Model Shop, on the left just at the entrance to the main street. There are models of all manner of vehicles to make up, and already pre assembled.

Leaving there we drove to just short of Kaukapakapa where we turned to the right and proceeded to Waitoki, where the daily rain started but it did not last too long and had ceased by Silverdale, I felt sorry for all the bike riders who were out it, as it was cold as well.

The café we went to was called "Walnut Café" and was at the far end of town just before you start up the hill to Waiwera (well known for its hot pools). It was in very nice surroundings back off the road, it had wide verandahs in front and at the side where we had tables as we did not have a booking and it was very busy owing to a birthday party. (They were covered in with clear plastic covers and were quite cozy.)

Everyone ordered from the nice range available from cakes and pies to a good range of hot and cold dishes. The food that we received all looked and tasted very appetising.

After lots of talk and laughter we all dispersed our separate ways. Bud and I went down to the beach front and watched the wind surfers and their parachutes for some time there were a lot out as no people were swimming and they were all along the beach, in the wild and choppy surf.

Thanks to Harvey and Val for coming up with the route and the excellent café at the end, if you are into the coffee circuit this is one to check out.