Monday, 14 May 2007

City Run

The run this month was around parts of Auckland where we seldom go commencing from the old Central Railway at the Strand in Parnell. This has now been converted into accommodation for students, the railway lines have been extended into Auckland to the Britomart Transport centre and is a new underground railway station built.

Those who came on this run on a lovely warm sunny day were Paul and Delia, (Prefect) Chris and daughter Ellie (Ford Y,) Bob and Gwen, Thelma and Bud, (Prefect) Ant and Karen the organizers with apologies received from John and Janice.

The run took us along the waterfront past the new Vectra Stadium, Ferry Buildings, to Victoria Park, then to Franklin Road a tree lined street where at Christmas the households compete to put on the best Christmas Light Display it makes for a marvelous sight, into Ponsonby, where we commenced a page of the dreaded straight line navigation around the back streets.

The properties in these narrow tree lined streets with traffic blocks all the way along are very sought after, and huge amounts are paid for them, they are very often done up inside to a very modern standard the only thing remaining of the original dwelling is the fronts, very few of them have a garage or room for one so the cars are parked on the street which does not allow for a lot of passing space.

Eventually we made our way along Meola Road past the Keith Park part of Motat where the Airplanes are housed and where the Galaxy of cars is held in February, to Pt Chevalier Road traveling down it we came to a Café just before Coyle Park, a large open park for picnics and walking which is an entrance way to the nice inner harbour beach of Pt Chevalier.

At the Café the early arrivals had secured a large area in the corner, which was big enough for all to sit around the tables and have a pleasant time together over coffee and snacks of the buyer’s choice.

Eventually the gathering broke up and made their individual way home, a few were going to watch the racing at Pukekohe on the TV, others went for a walk along the beach in the sun before going home.

All in all it was a nice small run in an area you don’t normally go to, as it is not one of the main routes to anywhere.

On this run Paul and Delia had their very nice green Prefect which Paul has had for about two years, he has been overhauling the motor and getting it to a excellent standard, it was the first major run it has been on. Delia is not so sure of the absence of seat belts. It has a very low mileage and is original right down to the working wing signals. Paul is not sure if he is being seen so uses hand signals as well, as no one thinks to look at window level half way down the car for a signal.