Thursday, 28 December 2006

Annual Gymkhana

This was held at the usual place at Omana Regional Park commencing time 10am, duly arriving there after a lot of threats by the driver that the navigator was taking too long getting out of the house he found that he was the first car there.

After making our way through the big wooden farm gate we parked near a small tree on the side and waited. Gradually cars from other clubs came along; the clubs that took part this year were the Morris Minor, Morris Register, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Ford 8 and 10.

The sun shone and a light wind blew with no hint of rain making it very pleasant, tables and chairs came out along with gazebos and the members of the clubs admired each others cars.

There were three events held before an extended lunch and three afterwards your club did the one where eight small blocks of wood had to be thrown from a moving vehicle onto a target if you landed one into the hub cap it was a high score four by the passenger and four by the driver.

Next year we have to do 2 events, as they have decided to scrap the roster scheme and each club attending is to put on two events. The event will be held on the last weekend in November and the Chev club will book the venue etc.

There from the club were John and Janice Gardner in their restored Anglia Tourer, Bud and Thelma in their Prefect, Paul and Delia Stewart (modern) who participated in the mornings events in the Prefect later at lunch time along came Bob and Gwen Cleland (modern) and more of John and Janice's family who had a picnic in the park with their children. Brian Runagall was there for a while also. Paul and Bob did the afternoon events in the Prefect, while Bud and Thelma put on the clubs event.

After all the events were completed and the score sheet handed in to Linda from the Chev Club who compiled the placings, the club members gathered around to hear the results which were aggregated on points scored to number of cars competing. It was found that the Morris Minor Club had won for the second year running and we had come in second, we only had two competing cars and actually had won some events.

Thanks to those members who came to this interclub event and picnic a good time seemed to be had by those attending, including Honey the dog who likes to lay under the parked cars between events.
See you there next year.

Sunday, 29 October 2006


We've recently had a query on how to clean up bakelite, so here's some information gleaned and compiled from the net:
Bakelite is a thermoset plastic. This is a plastic which starts molten as a liquid but once solidified, does not revert to its liquid state when heated. In crude terms it consists of a resin (which gives the glossy appearance) plus a bulk filler material, usually wood flour. The shiny surface you see and admire is the top layer of resin but this is often very thin. It is created during manufacture by the pressure the ingredients are under while setting. Once rubbed away through atmospheric action, over-enthusiastic polishing or by scorching in the sun's rays, it is lost and nothing will bring it back. You are then left with a pitted mixture of resin and wood flour (or sometimes asbestos powder), and wood flour, being very fine sawdust is not that glossy.

Provided that the top layer of resin is intact, bakelite is not porous; the recommended method of cleaning is a very dilute mixture of water and dishwashing liquid, with an overnight soak being best to get rid of any grease. After drying, a light buff with Polishing Paste No. 5 which also goes by the name Baykobrite. This product apparently contains a very light scourer and a waxy agent which highlights and protects the gloss finish. It was formulated by British Telecom to refurbish old bakelite phones to new condition.
A description of Polishing Paste No.5 and an ordering link is available here. It's listed here at $USD15 for a 60 gram tube. Baykobrite can be ordered from The Radiophile, Larkhill, Newport Road, Woodseaves, Stafford, ST20 0NP, (phone/fax 01785 284696), at £3.00 a tube plus postage (approx). If anybody knows of a New Zealand distributor or supplier, please let us know.

If your bakelite surface is rough, then there is a good chance the top layer of resin has worn away, and no amount of soapy water will assist. In this case, you need to cut away the discoloured layer. There are two different methods to do this:
  1. Use a fine grade of wet sandpaper (180 grit) and progress up to 600 grit.
  2. Use an abrasive polish, in particular the car polishes that contain dark brown paint pigment. Rub on, allow to dry and buff away the residue.
After this work, inspect the surface. Shoe polish (dark brown) can be worked into the surface to fill any remaining pits and buffed off a few hours later. Several applications may be needed to achieve a truly smooth finish. Lastly, use a clear liquid wax polish and buff to a high polish finish.
It's likely that this will need to be repeated every 12 to 24 months or so, as without the original resin surface, bakelite is porous. Remember, it's mainly a mixture of wood flour and colouring agent.

There are a number of methods to maintain the finish. Probably the most permanent is to have a good painter to spray the bakelite with a number of very light coats of clear lacquer. Other, less permanent, and perhaps less worrisome methods (after all, you'd need to have a lot of trust in your painter after all that work), are:
  • Application of Meguiars Plastic Polish #10 (should be available from Repco or Super Cheap Autos stores, although they may need to order it).
  • Application of Mothers Pure Carnauba Wax. This wax is completely non-abrasive, so can be used as often as you want to keep the bakelite protected without removing any of your previous hard work.
There is one report of a person smearing on a very fine layer of petroleum jelly with a clean rag, and then lightly buffing off the excess. If you apply too much, the bakelite will start to exude drips in hot weather which can be simply wiped off. Apparently the jelly gets absorbed slightly and doesn't seem to attract the amount of dust one might think.

Email us if you have any further tips.

Saturday, 7 October 2006

Vice President's Rally

It was a sunny day when we met at Westgate car park. Those who arrived before Karen and myself had enough time to have a quick browse through the nearby outlet stores before we all started out down State Highway 16 toward Helensville.

Early on in the rally a few people tried to take the State Highway 18 turnoff toward Riverhead, rather than Riverhead Road – a likely trap for young players. However, there were also other obscurities to capture those of us who've been around a little longer; and I think everyone got caught by travelling up a no exit road to get a specific house number.

Further on, we had to count the number of horseshoes on a couple of gates. From memory, there were about 26, and I think the owners of the property in question probably spoke to each of us on the run, as they were out in their garden at the time.

Finally we came out of the back roads and into the village of Waimauku, where we then had a short journey to Bees Online, a cafe and honey centre where you can view a working honey factory.

We arrived a little before most others, so went and procured a large enough table. When everybody else arrived, we had coffee and some food, and discussed the finer points of the rally and who did what where. It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed themselves and it was good to see some new(er) faces amongst the regulars.

Those who attended were: John and Janice Gardner, Bev and Brian Coutts, Delia and Paul Stewart, Bud and Thelma Semadini, and Karen and family.

Monday, 4 September 2006

Parts Available

The club has available the following new items as follows:
  • Front exhaust pipe: $75
  • Rear exhaust pipe: $75
  • Head gasket – 8hp: $60
  • Head gasket -10hp: $60
  • Head gasket -100E: $60
  • Manifold gasket: $15
  • Sideplate gasket: $15
  • Sump set: $45
All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars, packaging and shipping are extra.
All parts are subject to availablility and prices are subject to change without notice.
Parts are sold to members only.

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Coming Events

10 September: Whangarei Swapmeet and Car Display, AFFCO Building, Kioreroa Rd, 8am.
10 September: Classic and Japanese Bikes and Parts Swapmeet. 7:30am, Claudelands Showgrounds, Hamilton. Gate 1, Brooklynn Road East wing fully undercover.
30 September: Manawatu VCC Manfield Swapmeet, Feilding.
21 October: National Die cast Models and old toys fair and Swapmeet, Northcote.
22 - 29 October: Dunlop Targa – Main Event.
27 - 29 October: City of Cycles Motorcycle Show, Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, Manakau City.
19 November: Cambridge Swapmeet.
25 - 26 November: Waiuku Flying 50 ,167 Kitchener Rd Waiuku. This includes a street race around Waiuku for European cars built between 1900 to 1975. Steam train rides. For details contact Roger Phillips (09) 235 0057 or
20 - 21 January 2007: Classic Car and Hot Rod Show Kumeu.
11 February 2007: Car, Bike and Machinery Show. 11am on the grassed area between Railway Hotel and Otaki Railway Station. Funds raised for Scouts and Guides.

Sunday, 13 August 2006

A Country Jaunt

The usual winter weather a few showers but not enough to worry anyone. The assembly place for this run was the BP Service Centre on the Southern Motorway at Drury; a lot of car clubs make this their starting point.
From there the cars proceeded to the first off ramp at Drury, and turned left to go through the industrial area at Drury, before turning into Bremner Road which took us across the motorway and to answer the second question: how old was the bridge.
Along a little way we turned sharp left, into Jesmond Rd and another trick was to find the horseshoe, apparently we were the only ones that did. After this we traveled towards Ramarama and turned down Kerns Road.
After traveling past small farms and answering more questions we eventually arrived at Tuakau and resisted the temptation of going into the big secondhand shop. Further along we crossed over the Waikato River and made our way up the hills to Onewhero Village, and beyond finding the Chateau name, and locating Anita the big pelican/stork guarding the letter boxes.
Onwards through very pleasant countryside to Pukekawa which seems to have one closed shop and a school and a church. After finding the name of the manor house we descended the hill and over the river bridge at Mercer.
There is a new bridge over the highway at Mercer which took us up into the back of Mercer Township to see areas not visible from the main road. There was the remains of a tractor on top of the hill which Bud said was the same model as one he had driven on his family farm in the 1940’s. This was a road I had not been on previously and there were great views of the surrounding countryside and the river (Waikato).
Coming down we went across the railway line, along into a tunnel under the expressway, up a hill and down the other side; there were no signs to say this was a motorway entrance road anywhere, but we eventually did meet up with the motorway and proceeded as per instructions to stay on the left and exit at the Pokeno off ramp.
From there it was a short run to the township where we parked off the road at the café. As we had been taking our time and looking at the scenery we were the last to arrive, but we were not eliminated, in fact when the sheets were marked we actually won.
As there were only three cars (two club cars) and one modern that was not difficult, every one won a prize of a box of chocolates descending in value according to the place you came. Thanks to Janice and John for these.
Those that went on this very pleasant scenic drive were Ant Kite & Karen Preston (modern), Bob & Gwen Cleland (Prefect), and ourselves Thelma & Bud Semadeni (Prefect).

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Breakfast Run

This was a change from the usual times to see if people would like an early morning run starting by having breakfast in the downstairs breakfast room at the Albion Hotel this is one of the oldest original Hotels in Auckland. At one stage there was I think one hotel for each 143 people in Auckland.

When we arrived John Gardner was waiting to see where to go in the hotel, and he told us to go over the intersection and come back around the lower block as it was a no turn left street, when we came back up he directed us to the pay parking area $5 a day for Sunday, which was good as it saved us driving about looking for a place.

Going downstairs we saw Ngaire and Roy who had been on night shift sitting at a table watching the soccer on the big screen TV. You order your breakfast from the selection on the blackboard behind the counter, cereal, fruit, yoghurt, bacon eggs, hash browns, sausages, baked beans etc with toast and coffee or tea which you can have refills off. When prepared they bring it to your table.

After everyone had finished breakfast it was decided to make the run a small one, owing to the lack of cars just along the waterfront to Mission Bay. Once we had all arrived and parked we made our way to the old Mission buildings which has been turned into the Mecca Restaurant for coffee, the management made us up a long table inside the original building with its high peaked roof just like being in a church with church like windows.

Various forms of coffee made their way to our table, some even came with marshmallows, and Trevor Huggins very kindly announced that he would pick up the bill for the whole group. They have a Brunch menu on display and some very nice plates of food were going to other tables perhaps we could go there for breakfast at some future date. After the coffee we made our way outside on to the walkway along the beach and everyone gradually in their own time made their way along the beach front dodging the passing showers under trees etc. After arriving back in the car park they dispersed on their separate directions homewards.

Those attending the monthly run were Trevor and Kiri Huggins and grandson Lorenzo, Ant Kite and Karen Preston, Roy and Ngaire Wilson, John and Janice Gardner (Prefect Ute), and Thelma and Bud Semadeni (Prefect).
Terry and Joanna North and daughter Brenda, and Jack Breekveldt who accompanied them, came to the breakfast only, as Terry had some urgent work at home.


Saturday, 10 June 2006

NZVCC 60th Anniversary Rally

Invercargill became the vintage car capital of the world for two weeks in January, when the NZ Vintage Car Club held its 60th Anniversary International Rally. Around 970 vintage and classic cars took part, some being shipped from overseas especially for the event, ranging in age from 1903 to the 1960’s.
The South Island roads are renowned as being some of the best in the world for vintage car events, reflected in the 300 overseas competitors from Europe, USA, Scandinavia and Australia. Many of the overseas entrants borrowed vintage cars from NZ enthusiasts; others shipped their own vehicles from as far away as England.
The highlight for many was the public show day at Oreti Park, with all 970 cars on display. An estimated 14000 locals came to see the cars which produced the biggest traffic jam ever seen in Southland, with queues of up to 3 hours to get into the park.
Competitors had various organized runs to places of interest such as Te Anau and the Catlins, as well as a timed gravel hill climb and a thrash around Teretonga Track for the sporty types. Just as important was the social side of the event, with organized meals and entertainment every evening in the huge Southland Stadium.
There was a Rock n’ Roll night, a Scottish night, and a German Beerfest night complete with oompah-pah band. A dinner and a prize giving on the final night was attended by over 1900 people.
I only spotted 3 side-valve English Fords, and I think they were all South Island cars, a Prefect (approx 1950), a 7W (approx 1939) with a 10HP motor, and a beautifully restored Fordson truck which seemed to be at full revs everywhere it went.
My wife Pat and I took our 1953 Riley, which covered over 5000km in the two weeks including the drive to Invercargill and back, without missing a beat. We had been planning this trip ever since reading about the last big International Rally based in Christchurch 10 years ago to mark the 50th Anniversary of the NZ Vintage Car Club. And it lived up to all our expectations, especially the empty roads and beautiful scenery in Southland, and the wonderful Southland people who did everything possible to make the visitors welcome.
Definitely an under-rated part of the country.
Phillip Pearce.

Tuesday, 23 May 2006 is a new website that specializes in the trading of automobiles dating between 1960 and 1985.
" Retro Wheels is a joint venture between 3 enthusiasts from different areas of life and business that all share a common interest and passion for the preservation and driving of classic and retro cars. The web site has grown out of both an idea and a need to have an up to date site catering for fellow classic car enthusiasts.

We aim to provide an easy to use and well laid out web site that allows you to find what you are looking for. Our ultimate goal is to become a dominant web presence for retro and classic cars on both the local scene and eventually the global market. "
To launch the site have extended an invitation to club members to use the site and some services free of charge until end of August 2006.

Friday, 12 May 2006

Coming Events

07 May: Marineland swapmeet and car display; contact
13 May: The annual Wellsford/Warkworth Swap Meet.
28 May: NSRA Annual Automotive Swapmeet and display; Spring Street Car Park, Tauranga.
10 June: All British Day at Bruce Mason Centre Nth Shore. Cars attending to be in covered parking lot entrance from Killarney St, by 9am if you wish to attend. Contact
09 July: 26th Annual Rotorua VVCC Swapmeet; 7am Rotorua Racecourse
29 July: Tornado Rod and Custom automotive parts Swap Meet. Shaw Street, Timaru.

Friday, 28 April 2006

Easter Rally Photos : Day 3

Easter Sunday: drive to Waihi and back.

Bud & Thelma (Prefect) and Chris (Model Y)

Jack & Debra (Anglia Tourer Ute)

Attracting interest at the historic rail station.

Old Jack. He's most impressed with his 12" stroke, but Debra thought the Weight in Working Order was more appropriate!!

Easter Rally Photos : Day 2

Easter Saturday: travelling to Coromandel township and back.

El Presidente going for a ride at the Waiau Waterworks, Coromandel.

The Model A club also visited the Waterworks while we were there.

Bud & Thelma exiting the carpark.

Easter Rally Photos : Day 1

Good Friday: travelling from Auckland to Thames.

On the road between Bombay and Miranda:

Model Y (Chris)

Prefect (Bud & Thelma)

Anglia ute (Terry, driven by Jack & Debra)

7W ute (Terry, driven by Martin); and Fordson pickup (Terry).

Resting at Waitakaruru:

From front to back: 7W ute, Prefect ute (John & Janice), Model Y, Prefect, Anglia ute.

Between Ngatea and Paeroa, crossing a canal on the Hauraki Plains:

Prefect (Bud & Thelma)

Prefect Ute (John & Janice)

7W ute (driven by Martin) and Model Y (Chris).

After arriving at Seaspray Motel at Waiomu Bay, Bud tries his hand at fishing.

Monday, 10 April 2006

Coming Swapmeets and other Events

14 April: Waihi Goldfields Railway celebrates 100 years of Rail.

22 April: National Die cast models and old toys fair and swap meet Northcote.

23 April: British and European Day Te Awamutu Raceway.

30 April: British & European Motoring show, Flemington Racecourse, Australia.

07 May: Marineland swapmeet and car display contact Ross (06) 844 7323 or email.

13 May: The annual Wellsford/Warkworth Swap Meet (Sat).

28 May: NSRA Annual Automotive swapmeet and display Spring Street Car Park, Tauranga.

10 June: All British Day at Bruce Mason Centre Nth Shore.

April 2007: The Australian National Sidevalve Rally of Australia, Cootamundra, NSW. If you would like to take part contact the Anglia Prefect Car Club of Australia, P.O. Box 195 Eastwood, 2122 NSW. or email.

Sunday, 9 April 2006

An artice regarding an exceptionally rusty Model Y can be found here. I'm surprised there were any salvageable bits at all.

Friday, 7 April 2006

South Island Modified Fordson

Recently Terry North and a friend rode their motor bikes from Auckland to the Main Land going across to the South Island on the interisland ferry; luckily for them it was calm both ways. Just after they came back there was a big storm with huge seas.
Terry’s bike was a 1988 350 Jawa which apparently gave no trouble on the trip.
Terry went down as far as Queenstown where he stayed with former club members and friends Roger and Kay for a few days. On the way back he made a point of going to a Wreckers yard in Oamaru where he had heard there was an unusual Fordson Van.

This van is unusual as it must have been made especially for the previous owner a baker; it has two doors on one side and one on the other plus the rear door. There are windows in the side doors. It is lined on the inside also and Terry considers though it has been there for some time (the wrecker thought it was too good to wreck and just stored it) that it is restorable.

The company that owns it is AUTO LAND DISMANTLERS, Owner Richard Cromwell, Main South Road, Oamaru ph (03) 434 9838, or email.
If you are interested in this vehicle he would accept a fair price as he would like to see it restored.
Hopefully you can get an idea from these photos that Terry tried to get the best angles to show you the features.
If any member acquires this for restoration let the club know, so others in the club can watch your restoration progress.

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Classic Car Auction

Turner's first classic car auction for the year is to be held on 11 March starting at 2:30pm, at their Penrose branch. There's nothing of particular note for us Ford 8 & 10 fans, and over half of the vehicles are post-1980. Can someone tell me since when did a 1993 Lexus became a classic??

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Galaxy of Cars

This was on a long week end this year perhaps that is why there did not seem to be as many cars as usual. The weather was fine with a stiff breeze so we didn’t put the Gazebo up this year.

This year the club took some swap meet items in this was done by Terry who collected them from the parts shed and towed them in behind his little truck, his sister in law driving in his other display vehicle. He set up the stall and manned it for a lot of the time other members taking turns to give some help so he could look around.

After the meet the remaining items were taken back to the parts shed by him a big effort on his part. Many years ago we owned a Vauxhall 10 and the spare front and rear windscreen glass was there which a greatfull Vauxhall member took home.

A lot of interest was given to the Ford Special of Roger Birchall he has only just rejoined after a long absence after reacquired the special which he sold a number of years ago, it has been for some of the time down the South Island. His brother showed up later with a 1907 International that also attracted quite a crowd about it.

We have some one looking for a nice car to buy. Eric Welch brought over a gentleman for a form and told him all about the club. Our display was a lot smaller than usual we had two utes and a small truck and two Prefects turn up plus the Special.


Saturday, 11 February 2006

Kumeu Car and Hot Rod Show

This is getting bigger and bigger each year there are a huge amount of stalls and swapmeet sites it takes a long time to walk around them most people seem to go out and look, then go out again. The main swapmeet is on Saturday for the serious collector, the car show for clubs is on the Sunday, the Hot Rods are in the sheds away from the elements.

This year the weather on the Sunday was warm with a little breeze, when we arrived at the showground’s from the meeting site there were already two cars from the club there, and we parked as close as we could to them.
There is a band that plays on the stage and a variety of food stalls, the grounds are licensed so the liquor facilities do a good trade.

This year there were several helicopters giving rides for I gather $45 for 6 minutes there were long queues waiting. A rocket car in the arena was started up with a lot of noise for a few minutes.

I think almost all families in NZ must have owned a Prefect at some time by the comments you hear, "My Grandma or Grandfather had one of these." "We used to go on holidays in these, where did we all fit plus the luggage?"

Representing the club with their club cars were: Berni - Popular, Rod with Tracy's Prefect, Peter and Janice - Prefect, Dennis - Prefect, Bud and Thelma – Prefect.


Thursday, 2 February 2006

Galaxy of Cars: 5 Feb 2006

Galaxy of Cars is being held at Motat (Motions Rd Entrance). Drivers of displayed vehicles are free, passengers $8 Club members bringing cars to display, please be on the site by 9.45am.

Saturday, 14 January 2006

Coming Events

21st / 22nd Jan: Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Show
Club members meet at the corner of Red Hills Rd and Don Bucks Rd @ 9am.

22nd Jan: Zodiac Car Clubs Ford Picnic
All Fords welcome. Rear of Southwards Car Museum, Otaihanga Rd, Paraparaumu. For details, ph (04) 2972530

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

The Mangere Bridge Santa Parade

For once it was overcast but not actually raining until Santa was almost finished his trip down the main street of the town ship. Last year it blew a gale and the poor fairies almost had hypothermia, traveling along on their float. The funniest thing this year was a person dressed up as a chicken she was really good made everyone laugh with her yellow legs dancing about …

The sudden shower at the end rather spoilt the after events in the park as most people headed home with their children instead of coming around for the lolly scramble and carol singing etc.

There were a lot of hot rods all making a great deal of noise; some veteran cars the oldest seemed to be 1905; the Vauxhall club was there and quite a few older style TQ’s Phil Johnson had two on a trailer, the Scottish pipe band played well, a number of RSPCA dogs, some floats with angels etc and the dressed up Kiwi Bird.

I think there were more people in the street than usual all the children were saying "toot the horn toot the horn" so there was a lot of noise from the different vehicles from little squeaks to huge air horns.

After a while we made our way around to Jim Boag’s for the BBQ, which was as usual a very pleasant event, most people bring along some food to share, salads, cake, homemade bread, meat sausages, nuts and raisins, etc.

The Shaw’s were there already; Gavin Welch who organized the parade with Angeline, Martin Healy, and Bud and Thelma went. The parade had two members of the club in their club cars Ken Carly in his Y and Bud and Thelma Semadeni in their Prefect ... Ken did not go to the BBQ as he lives at Pukekohe and had been in hospital recently so he went home.