Saturday, 11 February 2006

Kumeu Car and Hot Rod Show

This is getting bigger and bigger each year there are a huge amount of stalls and swapmeet sites it takes a long time to walk around them most people seem to go out and look, then go out again. The main swapmeet is on Saturday for the serious collector, the car show for clubs is on the Sunday, the Hot Rods are in the sheds away from the elements.

This year the weather on the Sunday was warm with a little breeze, when we arrived at the showground’s from the meeting site there were already two cars from the club there, and we parked as close as we could to them.
There is a band that plays on the stage and a variety of food stalls, the grounds are licensed so the liquor facilities do a good trade.

This year there were several helicopters giving rides for I gather $45 for 6 minutes there were long queues waiting. A rocket car in the arena was started up with a lot of noise for a few minutes.

I think almost all families in NZ must have owned a Prefect at some time by the comments you hear, "My Grandma or Grandfather had one of these." "We used to go on holidays in these, where did we all fit plus the luggage?"

Representing the club with their club cars were: Berni - Popular, Rod with Tracy's Prefect, Peter and Janice - Prefect, Dennis - Prefect, Bud and Thelma – Prefect.


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