Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Galaxy of Cars

This was on a long week end this year perhaps that is why there did not seem to be as many cars as usual. The weather was fine with a stiff breeze so we didn’t put the Gazebo up this year.

This year the club took some swap meet items in this was done by Terry who collected them from the parts shed and towed them in behind his little truck, his sister in law driving in his other display vehicle. He set up the stall and manned it for a lot of the time other members taking turns to give some help so he could look around.

After the meet the remaining items were taken back to the parts shed by him a big effort on his part. Many years ago we owned a Vauxhall 10 and the spare front and rear windscreen glass was there which a greatfull Vauxhall member took home.

A lot of interest was given to the Ford Special of Roger Birchall he has only just rejoined after a long absence after reacquired the special which he sold a number of years ago, it has been for some of the time down the South Island. His brother showed up later with a 1907 International that also attracted quite a crowd about it.

We have some one looking for a nice car to buy. Eric Welch brought over a gentleman for a form and told him all about the club. Our display was a lot smaller than usual we had two utes and a small truck and two Prefects turn up plus the Special.


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