Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chris and Jo's Mystery Run

As it was a sunny day, Cornwall Park was pretty busy when we arrived on Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. We met Chris and Jo, Bud and Thelma, Gavin and Sophie, Stephen, John, and Brian and Bev, along with Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 (Paul and Delia).

After standing around and chatting for a while, we were handed a couple of sheets of paper with about a dozen questions and the location where you would find the appropriate answer. This required plotting your own route to minimise travel time as there was a time limit of a couple of hours.

We pulled out the map, decided on a circular route from our start point to our finish point at the clubrooms. There were many areas of Auckland that I'd never seen (including some you probably wouldn't want to stop in) and after dropping one question as time was catching up on us, we arrived at the finish to enjoy a BBQ and chuckle at everyone's stories.

Eventual winners were Max and 99, who managed to answer all questions correctly and be amongst the first to arrive at the clubrooms.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Run to Puhoi

Despite a forecast of heavy rain, Sunday dawned fine but cloudy. Karen and I arrived at Silo Park (the old Tank farm) just after 8:30am for breakfast, meeting John who'd arrived a little earlier.

After a short walk alongside the nearby cafes and restaurants, Karen chose Jack Tars and we ordered breakfast. When it arrived, it was huge - I was defeated and could only manage about two-thirds of the total plated food.

Still with some time to kill before the 10:30 departure, we were joined by Steve and ambled along the waterfront, then decided to grab a ride on the tram circuit. This was the last day before the lines were being ripped up to be re-laid after the road has been lowered (don't ask me, it's all part of Auckland Council's loony grand plan).

At the end of the tram loop, we arrived to the greetings of the rest of our cohorts for the day, Bud & Thelma, Paul & Delia, and Brian & Bev. Instructions were given out for those who wanted to go on ahead and we departed Silo Park and headed across the Harbour Bridge to the Albany Bus Station where we picked up Martin & Monique.

From here we toured through Dairy Flat, then out to John's old stomping ground of Waitoki (where Ngaire joined us) and out the back roads to Wainui and over the hill into Puhoi. The last portion across Krippner road was true back country with many large water-filled pot-holes, but at least the damp conditions did mean there was little dust.

After a regroup (and congratulations or otherwise on road choice), we drove on and lunched at the Puhoi Valley Cheese Factory cafe. Being that breakfast was so large, Karen and I required not much. Paul however ordered the Ploughman's Platter, a large board with all manner of meats, crackers and cheese. It looked delicious and as there was none left, I guess it must have been.

From here we each made our way home, with some of us stopping in at the second-hand store in Puhoi to see if there were any bargains to be nabbed.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Helensville Museum Display

We met early Sunday morning at Kumeu and drove from here out to Helensville Historic Museum for their Display Day (organised by the Kaipara Classic Car Club) via the back road - a pleasant 30 minute drive that comes into the back of Helensville.

Parked at Kumeu

After parking in the grounds, Karen and I wandered into town for coffee, and then ambled around all the shops before making our way back to the Museum.

The Museum display; Brian and Bev's 7Y at far right.

The rain held off until just before 3pm, whereupon we retired to the Kaipara Classic Car clubrooms for the prizegiving.

Brian and Bev's 7Y took out the trophy for Best Original Car; John and Jan, and Steven got medals for furthest distance travelled; and Bud received a medal for oldest attendee (despite his protests that he's only a young fella).

As the rain continued to pelt down, we said our thanks and left for home.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 6

Finally, a slightly later start to the day with a short(-ish) run back to Auckland.

We drove from Te Kuiti to Otorohonga for a McDonalds breakfast, which Bud enjoyed immensely.

Otorohonga: last breakfast stop of the rally

From Otorohonga, we took the road through Pirongia and regrouped at Ngaruawahia, then on to Pokeno for a food break.

With the rally essentially over, we each then carried on home, with all vehicles having successfully completed the journey.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 5

Today we began the return journey to Auckland, via the Forgotten World Highway. We left Wanganui early to regroup and fuel up at Stratford.

It was raining as we left Stratford and crossed the 3 saddles before a filling lunch at Whangamomona Pub.

Whangamomona Hotel, Forgotten Highway lunch stop
Whangamomona Hotel, Forgotten Highway

The rain had stopped when we left Whangamomona, we proceeded further on some of the smoothest gravel road I've experienced - smoother than the previous tarmac.

Ohura: once a thriving mining town, now a quiet backwater

Pulling into quiet Ohura, we had the museum opened especially for us. From Ohura we quickly rejoined the main highway and finished our day with fish and chips in Te Kuiti.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 4

We left Wanganui this morning for a run out to Marton via country backroads and visited the Mungoven Gardens. After a short walk around the gardens it was time to move on for lunch at Cooks Restaurant in Martin, along with a friendly Auckland vs Wanganui pool tournament.

The trees provided some shade at Mungoven Gardens
Cooks Restaurant car park

From Marton we drove to Turikina to view a private collection of cars and memorabilia, then out to Turikina Beach for some art galleries.

The day was rounded out with dinner at the Grand Hotel.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 3

Durie Hill tower
This morning started at the Wanganui market by the riverside. Karen and I got some coffee and wandered around town, then finished up by the river watching the kids jumping into the water off the road bridge.

We then drove up Durie Hill where some of us decided to climb to the top of the tower for a better look over town.

After lunch, we drove to Ed's Auto Barn and examined the treasures contained within. We the proceeded to tail-end ring-in Woz's pear orchard where we were encouraged to take as many pears as possible as well as checking out Woz's projects. Then it was back to Frank's place (a local resident near Pat) to view a local Ford Y.

Dinner at Pat and Sandra's rounded out a warm day.

Wanganui from Durie Hill
Parked at Woz's

Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 2

A misty start to the day at National Park Village gave the cars just a little more oomph on the run to Raetihi, where we met up with Warren and Bev from Napier, and organisers Pat and Sandra from Wanganui (along with their tail-end Charlie ring-ins, Woz and Richard).

First stop: Raetihi

We progressed from there away from the State Highway and down to the Wanganui River Rd. Some twisty and windy travelling later we pulled in to Jeruselum to view the century old church and convent. A little further on we checked out the historic Kawana flour mill, followed by a stop in Matahiwi for morning tea.

At Jeruselum Church

From here, we drove on over the final hill, joined the main highway and finished up at Pat and Sandra's place for lunch. A relaxing afternoon and dinner followed before turning in for the night.

Last hill of the day ...
... with this view of the Whanganui River

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 1

Rally start: 7am BP Service Centre, Southern Motorway, Auckland

An early start from Auckland had us travelling to Morrinsville to pick up more members, and then on to Te Awamutu.

Gearbox removal in progress
Chris required a gearbox change due to losing 2nd gear. Fortunately Steve, a local member had a spare (and a workshop) and so a replacement was quickly slotted in to enable him to get back on the road.

Further misdemeanours, in the form of a petrol shortage (no names to protect the guilty) resulted in another short stop, but we progressed on through Te Kuiti and Taumaranui, to end the day at National Park Village.

Gavin arriving at National Park Village, with Mt Ruapehu in the background.
Relaxing at the end of the day.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Concours 2013

An amazingly hot and sunny day meant the crowds were out. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our cars, with only two examples on show - Bud and Thelma's Prefect, and Chris and Jo's Y.

As our usual site has no shelter from the sun, we moved about halfway through the day to a shady spot under the trees. Thanks to the American Muscle Car Club for allowing us to steal some of their space.