Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 3

Durie Hill tower
This morning started at the Wanganui market by the riverside. Karen and I got some coffee and wandered around town, then finished up by the river watching the kids jumping into the water off the road bridge.

We then drove up Durie Hill where some of us decided to climb to the top of the tower for a better look over town.

After lunch, we drove to Ed's Auto Barn and examined the treasures contained within. We the proceeded to tail-end ring-in Woz's pear orchard where we were encouraged to take as many pears as possible as well as checking out Woz's projects. Then it was back to Frank's place (a local resident near Pat) to view a local Ford Y.

Dinner at Pat and Sandra's rounded out a warm day.

Wanganui from Durie Hill
Parked at Woz's

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