Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Rally 2013: Day 1

Rally start: 7am BP Service Centre, Southern Motorway, Auckland

An early start from Auckland had us travelling to Morrinsville to pick up more members, and then on to Te Awamutu.

Gearbox removal in progress
Chris required a gearbox change due to losing 2nd gear. Fortunately Steve, a local member had a spare (and a workshop) and so a replacement was quickly slotted in to enable him to get back on the road.

Further misdemeanours, in the form of a petrol shortage (no names to protect the guilty) resulted in another short stop, but we progressed on through Te Kuiti and Taumaranui, to end the day at National Park Village.

Gavin arriving at National Park Village, with Mt Ruapehu in the background.
Relaxing at the end of the day.

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