Saturday, 7 October 2006

Vice President's Rally

It was a sunny day when we met at Westgate car park. Those who arrived before Karen and myself had enough time to have a quick browse through the nearby outlet stores before we all started out down State Highway 16 toward Helensville.

Early on in the rally a few people tried to take the State Highway 18 turnoff toward Riverhead, rather than Riverhead Road – a likely trap for young players. However, there were also other obscurities to capture those of us who've been around a little longer; and I think everyone got caught by travelling up a no exit road to get a specific house number.

Further on, we had to count the number of horseshoes on a couple of gates. From memory, there were about 26, and I think the owners of the property in question probably spoke to each of us on the run, as they were out in their garden at the time.

Finally we came out of the back roads and into the village of Waimauku, where we then had a short journey to Bees Online, a cafe and honey centre where you can view a working honey factory.

We arrived a little before most others, so went and procured a large enough table. When everybody else arrived, we had coffee and some food, and discussed the finer points of the rally and who did what where. It seemed to me that everyone enjoyed themselves and it was good to see some new(er) faces amongst the regulars.

Those who attended were: John and Janice Gardner, Bev and Brian Coutts, Delia and Paul Stewart, Bud and Thelma Semadini, and Karen and family.

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