Friday, 7 April 2006

South Island Modified Fordson

Recently Terry North and a friend rode their motor bikes from Auckland to the Main Land going across to the South Island on the interisland ferry; luckily for them it was calm both ways. Just after they came back there was a big storm with huge seas.
Terry’s bike was a 1988 350 Jawa which apparently gave no trouble on the trip.
Terry went down as far as Queenstown where he stayed with former club members and friends Roger and Kay for a few days. On the way back he made a point of going to a Wreckers yard in Oamaru where he had heard there was an unusual Fordson Van.

This van is unusual as it must have been made especially for the previous owner a baker; it has two doors on one side and one on the other plus the rear door. There are windows in the side doors. It is lined on the inside also and Terry considers though it has been there for some time (the wrecker thought it was too good to wreck and just stored it) that it is restorable.

The company that owns it is AUTO LAND DISMANTLERS, Owner Richard Cromwell, Main South Road, Oamaru ph (03) 434 9838, or email.
If you are interested in this vehicle he would accept a fair price as he would like to see it restored.
Hopefully you can get an idea from these photos that Terry tried to get the best angles to show you the features.
If any member acquires this for restoration let the club know, so others in the club can watch your restoration progress.

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