Friday, 22 February 2008

Cornwallis Beach

I looked at the prescribed starting time with some trepidation as our local knowledge says that the car parks will be full there on a fine Sunday and so on arrival at the Ranui Clubrooms I emphasized a prompt departure.

A nice surprise awaited us, Brian and Bev Coutts newly restored 1938 Anglia was in attendance resplendent in Maroon. This was their second attempt at a club event as their motor had shed its timing sprocket at Whitford en route to the recent Gymkhana at Maraetai.

Not far along the way Bud chewed his distributor drive in an attempt to catch the three fast Fords disappearing over the ranges in front and its just as well Paul and Delia had their modern there that day, as they were the shepherds at the back and were able to return to the parts for a replacement distributor and shaft so with these fitted the Prefect arrived at Cornwallis without too much time lost, followed by Paul and Delia.

If I hadn’t been in such a hurry I would have adhered to the Model A Club's policy of watching the car behind you. Anyway the weather stayed glorious and the tide was right in and the parking we got could have been worse as cars were stretched all the way up the roadside when we left.

Those in our group who had managed to secure a covered and sheltered barbecue table held it for a remarkable long time before being chased off a spear point by the natives (they had two tables but as not many came relinquished one). Harvey and Val went swimming and sunbathing (on the sand) while Thelma and Bud caught up with their daughter Annette and son in law Roy with their adopted daughter Caitlin in a pleasant setting under a tree, these two are kayak enthusiasts and disappeared far and long (Caitlin goes with Dad).

Present on the run were Brian and Bev (Anglia), Bud and Thelma (Prefect), John and Janice (Anglia Convertible), Ant and Karen with grandson Hayden (Modern), Paul and Delia (Modern), Harvey and Val (Y) - scribe.

Bud and Thelma were not trying to catch up, the engine just got slower and slower until it ceased in a big cloud of Smoke from the exhaust accompanied by a large bang.

Paul who was behind helped Bud get it off to the side, it was on the steepest bend of the road, the bonnet came up and Paul checked out the fuel etc, they then turned it around and decided to see if it would start freewheeling down the hill. They got to the bottom of the winding road with out any luck, while Delia and Thelma followed in Paul’s car.

Paul then worked out what was wrong by, them slowly turning over the crank handle, the drive was in two pieces luckily the broken piece was in place and was able to be removed. Paul put in the new one and away it went.

Big thanks to Paul for diagnosing and fixing the car.

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