Friday, 23 May 2008

April Picnic

Took place on Sunday the 27th April perhaps a little late in the year for such an event, but it was cancelled the week before for those people who wished to attend the street racing in Hamilton. Those that went to the racing all said it was great.

Those who turned up in front of the Observatory in One Tree Hill Park, were Brian and Bev in their club car. All the others were in moderns - Ant and Karen, Karen’s daughter Sarah with Hayden who is talking and walking well, Paul and Delia, and Bud and Thelma (apologies were received from John and Janice who had paid for a run with The VVCC which included dinner) and I passed Harvey and Val's Y going south on Saturday.

As it looked like it was going to be a deluge in the next little while the group all adjourned to Ollie’s Ice Cream parlor, for the rest of the time. The parlor is right on the roundabout at Royal Oak it is two lanes and 5 streets merging a very busy intersection.

Quite a few sundaes, bowls of chips, hamburgers and coffee later, and playing on game machines the group dispersed, to make their individual way home.

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