Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Concours d'Elegance 2008

This annual event is held at the Ellerslie Race Course the main race track in Auckland there are several large buildings one of which housed the Rare Classics and Performances cars plus various outlets selling car magazines, pictures, and a cafeteria selling very expensive food.

This year the event was hosted by the MG Car club who aimed to have 100 vehicles on display I think they made about 60. Many clubs had displays there not all were entered in the special judging class for best vehicles, which I believe was slightly modified to take in account the drizzly weather during the early morning.

Our club has not gone for a few years which is probably why we were given a spot right at the end of the show next to the fence where the Car Fair is usually held on Sundays, this was completely hidden by a row of trees. The officials came along several times during the day and apologized and said they will do better if we go next year.

As this was our official outing for this month and car and passenger got tickets to go in for free, which unfortunately did not materialize until the Monthly meeting, and as lot of people went to the Galaxy of cars no one had them, so I took them to the event to give out to members arriving, however only Dennis had phoned to enquire about going. While I was standing waiting to give out the tickets I got to see all the cars coming in either driven or on trailers. So from this you can gather we only managed to get two cars to display, Dennis in his 1946 Ford 10 and Bud and Thelma in their 1950 Prefect.

During the day a few people came to look at the cars and we have one prospective member in Hamilton with a Cx who took a magazine and a subscription form. Martin and Roy were talking to us over the fence and Delia and Paul came along in the afternoon, Paul managed to lock his keys in his vehicle in the car park but the AA opened it up for him.

I walked around about 5 times looking for a vehicle I saw come in on a trailer from Hawera which appeared to have a Prefect badge on the back. It was a van but I could not find it, I think it had gone it was a very distinctive colour of bright yellow and green. The show was closing down at 4.30 as we made our way out, in the light drizzle which had started falling again, most of the day had been fine.

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