Monday, 1 December 2008

The Shaw's Collection

At the starting line were Brian and Bev, Paul and Delia, Thelma and Bud Semadeni and myself, from the Ford Club. Bud's Prefect was the only Club car out that day, mine having broken a rear axle the previous day, and Paul's with the motor out getting valve and cylinder head improvements, although their immaculate Cortina was again there.

However there were plenty of Fords 8's and 10's at our destination the Shaw brother's awesome car collection at Coatsville. I combined the Model A club with ours and did not extend the trip beyond there, having learnt that the enthusiast can spend hours looking which proved true.

I saw early 7Y Anglia's: a two door and four door C, a two door Y, Prefects including complete and incomplete 38-39 Ford 10's (7W) and a '50's Popular with its tiny headlights in original light blue colour. The only marque I did not see was the square–grilled EO4A Anglia.

There ware also Model A's, three 36-39 Ford V8 sedans and a row of 60's Holden's and 70's utes,  many Chev's from the 20's and early 50's many Buicks prewar and post war, all the Austin 7 models, a big Seven and a couple of Ten's prewar Morris 8 and square Minor.

Other makes such as Vauxhall, Dodge, Rugby, and Citroen were represented in smaller numbers. There were old trucks large and small as well so there was something for everyone (except the ladies, maybe!)

Many thanks to Noel and Trevor for their hospitality and I will be carrying the images around in my head for some time to come. Now it's back down to earth and the axle replacement for my "Y" plus a few other improvements and modification while the car is on blocks.

Thanks to the Model "A" Club Members who attended.


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