Sunday, 26 February 2017

NZ Classic Car Show

This was held as usual at the Ellerslie Racecourse public grounds which did not look as smart as usual probably due to the hot dry weather we have been having of late, but not nearly as bad as Australia where my sister lives at Emu Plains 40 odd miles to the west out of Sydney it was about 46 degrees on Sunday all activities were basically cancelled as people especially children could not cope.

We arrived around 9am and were directed to a parking area where four of our club members eventually arrived not many but better than the usual turn out we have had in recent years, Jim in his bright red Fordson small truck, Thelma and Bud with 1950's dark blue Prefect, Ant and Karen in their black 1949 Anglia and Wayne in his light grey blue Pop, this looks like Ant's except a different colour and a much later model.

This year it was not as crowded as I think there were not nearly the same amount of older car clubs attending, also not the attendance of the public, I did not see this event advertised anywhere in the newspaper or the Heralds lift out publication "Driven ".

The weather though predicted as bad held out well slightly squally occasionally but otherwise very pleasant not too warm.  There were all the overpriced food and coffee stands. Meguiars had a big stand selling their car cleaning products etc., few of the futuristic car dealers would have liked to sell some of the very sleek small to very large modern cars on display in the lawn area in front of the main grandstand.

Wayne polishes his hubcaps ...
"cos I didn't chrome them for nothing!!"
In the main grandstand there were very classy cars to buy perhaps if you had won the Lotto the night before, they were very smooth and slick with beautiful upholstery, a lot were in a rich red colour and some of the dashboards were in the same colour, I think it was to my taste a little overdone. Also in here there was a well attended café with sit down table and chairs this was well patronised.

Way up the far end of the public area there were some very old horseless carriage models  pre 1900 1910  that looked really nice all the woodwork polished and shiny and the brass work gleaming. And a yellow 1950 era  commercial farm truck loaded with hay, the hay was also scattered on the ground this was I think the only truck there and its display looked good.


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