Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Club Run to Thames and Beyond

Around 7 am. someone in my house was worried we might be late for the 9am. departure from the Service Station just off the Southern Motorway at Drury, so we departed at around 7:40.

There had been quite a wild rain and wind episode the night before and it was still very windy as we made our way over the North Western Motorway stretch of water going to Pt Chevalier where you turn off to go across the suburbs to join the Southern Motorway near Manukau.  On the Motorway again we proceeded to the meeting place, on the way we passed where a very large tree had fallen on a car near the Service Station the night before injuring three people.

Gradually members started to arrive, we ended up with quite a few more that we had been getting recently. They were as I remember: Stephen, Harvey and partner, Wayne, John, Brian and Beverly, Kelvin and Margaret and ourselves Bud and Thelma. I apologize if I missed anyone.  Bud was given a bright red cap with Bud on it from Wayne.

We waited for some time for Ant and Karen to turn up, eventually someone rang them and Ant was not feeling well so they decided not to come.  So off we went down the Motorway to the Thames turnoff, and then proceeded past lots of wind blown countryside, containing small villages to Waitakaruru where we looked in the second hand shop for bygone treasures while we waited for the arrival of any members from areas south, eventually on time came Andrew, his daughter Sue and her husband Neil in two club cars.

Then along comes Stephen, Wayne and another member ? (I have come unstuck I have not written down the helpers that had  been helping to fix Stephen's exhaust system which had become adrift I gather).  There was a roadside conference on where we were going next as we had no instructions then along comes Martin Healy who tells us we are going to the tip at Thames.

On the way to Thames we proceed over the large new bridge which has two red carved Maori warriors carrying I think spears they are at either ends mounted on poles (impressive). Just past the bridge we come across Jennie Comer and her male friend (I forgot his name sorry) in her car; she is from Te Aroha.  Proceeding into Thames following John we arrive at the tip, this tip has a recycling procedure going called "Sea Gulls" where usable items are recycled in a series of sheds, eg clothing, shoes, suitcases and bags, automotive items, electrical goods, gas bottles, furniture, toys, magazines, crockery and cutlery, bikes and many more items it is worth a visit.

It was at this point we lost sight of Harvey and his friend no one knew where they were. From there we made the 20 mile trip up the coast to Terry and Joanne's seaside home at Te Mata for an invited lunch break, it was further than I remembered.

Joanne I think had been preparing food all morning; there were tarts, scones, sausage rolls, etc along with tea and coffee. The members had a lovely time inspecting Terrys cars, looking out to sea at the brown water stirred up by the storm of last night it was still quite windy and nattering between themselves.

Eventually it was time to go. On the way some people went to the Thames Museum to see the model buildings carved and made in recycled Kauri, they had been on a TV program last year Bud said they were fantastic he was very impressed.  A stop for petrol and we were underway the car (1950 Prefect) went very well even though the wind was stronger and a few fleeting showers.

This was one of the nicest trips we have had for a long while it is difficult to do monthly runs that most people have not already been on.  Perhaps we should look at two monthly trips instead to a further away destination perhaps to a member, a different town would be nice.

Thelma .

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