Sunday, 1 February 2009

Christmas Dinner 2008

This was the final club outing for 2008 there is the Kumeu Classic Car Meeting this month but your club car is essential as it is a display meeting.

It was the meal at the Gengis Khan Restaurant at Ti Rakau Drive East Tamaki on Saturday 13th Dec.

One member mistook the date of the event and phoned the following week to ask about it, and was disappointed to find it had taken place already.

Those who did make it were John and Janice and two of their grandchildren; Ant and Karen; Paul and Delia; Brian and Beverly and Bud and Thelma.

The food was nice especially the broccoli soup, most people had several small meals to get the different flavors available in the main meals. The dessert was pancakes with ice cream of your choice. Coffee was also available with the meal. Bar services were there for those that wanted it.

After the meal every one chattered for a while, John and Janice left early to get the children home.

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