Sunday, 8 July 2007

Drive to Pine Harbour

This months run commenced at the Auckland Botanic Gardens in Manurewa a suburb south of Auckland, for those not familiar to Auckland it is where they hold the Ellerslie Flower Show Event in November (so named because it originally was held at Ellerslie Race Course).

The two sections of the run were put together by Janice and John Gardner. The first section was by suburban streets out to Redoubt Road which goes for a long way when you are looking for a Tuatara (a little blue lizard on a gate post). Eventually going by other roads past Ned Kelly made out of coloured drums to Whitford.

We then went past a bird garden some very smart houses in a big circle the “ford” was a road sign saying “Rutherford” back on the main road we turned into the Formosa Golf Resort, where the road ends at Pine Harbour, the Life Boat on display came off the Mikhail Lermontov and there were a lot of Norfolk Pines (everyone had a different answer to this).
Once in the Gateway restaurant we were seated together at two joined tables some of the meals took a little while to arrive but they were very busy as they were catering for another car club as well who had a large gathering. There was a small group in a tent affair playing live music outside it was pleasant to listen to.

After the meal the second part of the run took place with a tour through the streets of Beachlands this was in straight line navigation, after this the cars proceeded to Maraeti where we drove along the waterfront. Once back to the main road we proceeded to drive around the scenic coast line to Duders Beach, then turned inland to Clevedon, up West Road which included a very steep hill at the end. A couple more streets and we were back at the Botanic Gardens Car Park.

After a brief chat to everyone we all went our separate ways. We ourselves had a walk through the Gardens they had a brilliant display of poppies; there has been a lot of work done over recent times here if you are coming to Auckland they are well worth a visit.

Those that went on this run were Stephen and his friend Irene, (modern); Jim, a friend of John in his Zephyr Ute; Martin and his apprentice Josh (Y); Brian and Bev (modern) his car is almost ready; and Thelma and Bud (Prefect).

Thanks to John and Janice for doing this interesting run through areas you would not usually go, its always interesting to see different things.

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