Friday, 7 October 2005

RUN TO The Beach

For those of you who do not know where this beach is it is south of Auckland on the west coast…To reach it you go through the small country town of Waiuku.

On the way to the departure point at the BP service centre at Drury we had a call from Ant and Karen the organizers of this run to say Ant had been held up at work and to start off without them and they would catch us all up.

So when we arrived at Waiuku some of those who had not bought lunch acquired it at the local bakery whilst waiting.

Karioitahi is a black sand beach surrounded by tall cliffs which are on the weekend used by a lot of hang gliding enthusiasts, this week end was no exception there were a least twenty of them visible up and down the coast just seeming to hang in the air and the car park was full of cars with roof racks on.

Upon arrival those who thought to bring chairs put them out on the grass behind the cars and everyone ate their lunch while talking to each other and watching the people on the beach one group was trying to launch their glider by running along the beach but there was not enough wind, some brave people in wet suits were surfing …As it is a road, people were driving up and down from fishing and trail bikers were whizzing into the low sand hills

After lunch some strolled along the beach as it was very pleasant with no wind blowing and reasonably warm where they found a wrecked car on its side very interesting.. One couple had their dog that enjoyed a walk off the lead, two people had to leave early as they had something else on, another couple partook of the local restaurants fare and one had a read in his comfy chair...
Those people who turned out to this months club run, were Trevor and Keri Huggins accompanied by Ngaire Wilson in a modern, Ant Kite and Karen Preston in a modern(organizers) Philip Pearce accompanied by Brian McSwiggan in his club car and Thelma and Bud Semadeni club car ..

For those who did not come you missed a nice pleasant outing.

Don’t forget the Annual Vice Presidents Rally on the 16th on this you have to navigate and locate things and answer some questions there are prizes for the winners.


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