Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Recently I went with


Recently I went with friends on a day trip with their Ford 8 & 10 Car Club. We used Bud’s Ford 10 Prefect. His Mother bought it in 1956, a Navy 1950 model (Remember those?)
Lovingly restored and cared for by Bud and Thelma, I had driven and had a ride in the car often but I had forgotten a lot about it.

The doors open really wide but to get in the back was quite tricky. Comfy bench seats, no seat belts though, only in the front...Bud really had to drive the “old girl”... No power steering and lots of gear changing...

Old memories came back on the hill from Orewa to Waiwera, the Fords in front were a bit slow and Bud lost his revs, no Prefect owner likes to lose his revs on a hill!!

We enjoyed afternoon tea at Puhoi Cheese Factory and started for home across country this time heading for Kumeu... The car didn’t care for one road, revs again, and we had to roll back down and start again.

Lucky it was fine, the windscreen wipers were a bit dodgy. I’d forgotten the small windows, the noisy engine and the small window winders.

As we reached home I was pleased I hadn’t hitched a ride in the gorgeous red Lotus parked near us at Puhoi. We had fun, Bud’s car features in John Crystals book “The Cars We Loved”…


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