Wednesday, 24 August 2005

July Run 2005


On the 17th of July we had a mystery run which left the Westgate Car Park at the end of the North-western Motorway to travel to parts unknown.

All participants were given an instruction sheet which I hope was easy to follow. Traveling first along Highway 16, then on to the Riverhead Road for a very short time then along Old Railway Road which was the site of the old railway line to Riverhead I believe, then turning on to The Old North Road which was followed almost to Helensville the lunch destination.

After arriving at the Helensville Railway yards and looking at the old engine there, members went and had lunch or coffee at their chosen venue. Some picked the café in the Old Railway station which is not used now as no passenger trains go as far as Helensville except for occasion excursion trains.

Afterwards we strolled about looking in the various antique shops, including one in the Old Post Office (the usual Post Shop now is in one of the local shops). One of the members pointed out the building where he was born ,it not now being used as a hospital.

All the cars then made their way to the Woolworths car park; upon leaving there we went to Route 16 another collectable store just before you come into Helensville from the Auckland side this was situated in the old petrol station.

The next stop was the main attraction of the day the private museum of Iron Park on Highway 16 at Te Pau just south of the Parakai turnoff hidden behind the trees is a large shed with an amazing collection of machinery dating from the 1900’s plus an array in the surrounding yards including this 1916 Saunderson Universal G Tractor which ran on kerosene the only example in N.Z a 2cylinder Masport Serial No and a 1928 1¼ ton D-16 Stewart Truck with 8 forward gears.

The members had a great time poking about and Terry found something interesting to purchase under the tree’s outside.

In another outside shed there was a huge engine which was started up with a series of huge explosions I think it started on compressed air made by another engine which was running as well (I am not that technical) this engine was used in various MOW hydro systems being built in the early 1950’s..

It was a 1948 Super Scavenger 6 cylinder supercharged 2 stroke 8 ½ x 13 stroke 576 H.P at 600 RAM direct coupled 500 K.W Alternator 85 Litre engine. 28 Gallons per Hour of diesel

It was 5 metres long and 2 ½ metres high or that is what the information card said... A seriously big orange engine which impressed all those onlookers

Members watching the big engine being started at Iron Park:

Stu and Gail, Brian in door way and Bud in front of Stu

While the engine was running some of the ladies retreated to the shop area and partook of the free tea and coffee provided said the noise was too much.

I think most enjoyed the outing those that came were Berni Engleback and daughter, Phil Johnson and his friend Stan; Brian and Bev Coutts; Terry and Joanna North and daughter Brenda; Ngaire Wilson: Stu and Gail Tudor all in moderns
And John and Janice Gardner and Thelma and Bud Semadeni in club cars.

It was good to see some new faces on this run hopefully they will come to future outings.

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